Did Prince Play the Accordion?

Did Prince Play the Accordion

Prince, real name Prince Rogers Nelson, was a famous musician in the 20th century. His creativity made him make a lot of different types of music, like rock, funk, R&B, and pop. He was a good songwriter, played many instruments, and produced music as well. Prince had a reputation because of his exciting shows, flashy … Read more

Titano Accordions Guide & its Best Features

History of the Titano Accordion The renowned Titano Accordion brand originates in Castelfidardo, Italy, the birthplace location of the device. Famous artisans have created the exquisite Titano musical instrument over the years, fusing innovative technology with time-tested methods passed down from generation to generation. It is often counted as one of the best accordion brands. … Read more

When was the accordion invented?

when was the accordion invented

The origins of the accordion can be traced back to the early 19th century, when a number of similar instruments were developed in Europe, including the hand-held bellows-driven reed organ, the free-reed organ, and the harmonium. But when was the accordion invented precisely? The modern accordion is believed to have been developed in the early … Read more