How accordions are made

how accordions are made

An accordion is one of few musical instruments that are recognizable across different world cultures, like a guitar. They are so popular, but few people know how sounds come from them or how accordions are made. Figuring out how these musical instruments are produced can help you pick out just the right model. This ensures … Read more

The 50 Best Accordion Players In History

The accordion is one of the most unique and engaging instruments throughout music history. Although there was a season when it had to take the back seat as the guitar gained more popularity, it has made a comeback in recent years as there is nothing like its contribution to the jazz and classical music industry. … Read more

Best accordion for beginners

Accordions produce beautiful music with a wide range: folk, ethnic, to ‘alternative’ music.  If you’re looking to make your own awesome squeezebox music, this guide will help you find the best accordion for beginners that can fit your needs and budget. We have compiled below a list of factors for consideration in looking for the … Read more