Beltuna accordion brand guide

The history of Beltuna accordions transcends this current time. Exactly 40 years ago, in 1982, the foundation for what will become a key player in the accordion industry today began in Castelfidardo, a municipality in the Ancona Province of Marche region in Italy. 

Castelfidardo is an Italian municipality that quite interestingly has a musical heritage dating back to the 19th century.

At the time of the creation of the Beltuna company, the small town was already famous as the
world capital for accordion makers.

Company Profile

With the creative effort of two partners, Arnaldo Mengascini and Elio Baldoni, the uniquely sounding instruments began to get into concerts.

The news of the special accordions moved from one Italian concert to another, then it reached beyond Italy into French concerts and all over europe.

Arnaldo Mengascini and Elio Baldoni share years of experience in the accordion industry and a passion for quality sounding accordions.

Beltuna accordions, in the earliest days, went out under brand names other than theirs. But Beltuna quickly settled into the local market and began naming its products.

By the 10th year of Beltuna LLC, it had built a reputation as a global premium Italian accordion maker. Just as the founders envisioned when they named the accordion brand from inception.

Together with the help of a dedicated team, Arnaldo Mengascini, his wife–Annamaria, and children–Francesca, Milena, Francesco, and Stefania, maintain the brand.

They cobine to make hand-made accordions, using the highest quality materials, tools, and technology globally.

Why Beltuna Accordions are Unique

For Beltuna LLC, all stages of production occur in-house, mostly hand-made and under constant checks for quality control.

The brand’s unique acoustic advantage and its GHV final tuning technique are recognizable anywhere in the world. 

Beltuna’s Dual Face tuning feature can allow players to make music from different genres with one accordion.

A key feature of Beltuna that also sets it apart is the thickness and elasticity of the reeds and steel used for the accordions.

Aside from the sound produced by the Beltuna accordion, the refined materials assembled help to ensure a high-performance level.

Materials like Alcantara, leather, and mother-of-pearl are a common part of the accordions. Each product offer come with its touch of superior design.

From internal features like reeds, keys, and buttons, to external features like straps.

The latest technology innovation of the Beltuna LLC to the accordion industry is called Grand Convertor, for which it currently holds a patent.

Beltuna LLC unveiled a line of free bass accordions equipped with the solenoid system that allows movement of the left-hand valves.

Previously, the accordions had the traditional standard bass, which works with mechanical calves.

The problem with this method is that it contributes to the weight and overall size of the accordion.

Apart from this handling problem for accordionists, the accordion also makes mechanical noise.

According to the official business website page, this game-changing Grand Convertor innovation means that Beltuna can make even better accordions than before.

Accordions that have less weight, are smaller and produce less mechanical noise.

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Iconic Beltuna Models: Featuring Tone Chamber and Piano Accordion Reeds


The Studio model is one of Beltuna’s best accordions to play as a beginner. Beginners can get help from online courses. In the hands of professionals, Studio produces sounds like any other iconic range.

The Studio line is button and piano accordions, precisely seven buttons and 14 piano models. The body components come in treated wood, which is helpful when handling, as the accordion is lightweight and small.

From the factory, models have Luxe voice, which players may upgrade to Luxe Pro or other available options. Studio IV is a typical model of the range with features like the palm master switch, luxe reeds, triple musette, etc.


The Alpstar model may come with a tone chamber. You may also find Alpstar in button or piano form. This range is the favorite for folk music fans, especially for the Bavarian, Slovenian Oberkrainer, and Austrian. Examples of models from this range are Alpstar IV L Pro and Alpstar IV MR piano accordion. They are both lightweight accordions with triple musette, 96 buttons, and five registers bass, 38 keys that are 46 cm key to key, etc.


The Diatonico is a line of easily customizable Beltuna instruments, mostly used for traditional genres of the Celtics, Irish, etc. You may customize the voice to special tones and even tune the accordion to your desire.

You may also decide how you want the accordion to look or whether it comes with a microphone by making a special request during pre-order. 



Beltuna claims it offered the Play line to show the extent of its commitment to quality, even at non-traditional prices. Play range was probably made on purpose to make life easier for accordionists who could not afford those sold at higher prices.

The Play model has a system optimized for quality sound production based on the brand standard, despite the price at which they sell.

Alpstar Diatonic

The Alpstar Diatonic range is a version of the Alpstar with three to five button rows. It is also highly customizable, so players can select what works for them.

Current FLY Models 


The Spirit model is considered the best range of Beltuna accordions. Beltuna claims the range is a result of the company’s decades-long patented research works. The range produces sound with a sense of balance and precision.

The models come in two versions, namely Classic and Luxury. A range with six-button and eight piano models designed to aid handling. The unique design options are also great for aesthetics.


Beltuna Leader is one of the world’s most popular accordion models today. Beltuna Leader is a high-quality range and the choice for many professional musicians worldwide.

The Leader range has an 8 button and 9 piano models. They produce sounds with the new innovative Grand Convertor.

Beltuna Leader model uses tone chamber and manual voices, which plays sound across genres.

Beltuna Leader range includes Leader IV 120, Leader 2050 Fly, and Beltuna Leader 2000 Fly.


The Prestige models are known for their characteristic strong and aggressive sound. The range comes in manual voices. It has nine button and 10 piano models, which is customizable to produce GHV.

Prestige Model body component is wood, and it has various designs from which you can choose. Its pricing is less in comparison to other models of the Fly era but is equally a force in the industry. Prestige IV, with 120 Bass Buttons and 7 Registers, is popular from the range. It has handmade reeds, a double tone chamber, and a palm master switch.

The Company in Summary

Experts playing accordions are valuable in any genre of music today. Today, Beltuna represents the quality that Italian accordion making offers. From sound and aesthetics to comfort for the accordionists using the instrument.

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