What made the Delicia accordion brand so great?

A humble beginning in the Czech Republic

The famous Delicia accordion is made in the Czech Republic. Naturally, it is a source of pride for the country.

The Delicia company does not only make accordions but also harmonicas.

The first Delicia accordion was made in the 1920s when Josef Kebrdle founded the company.

The company was named Hořovice and changed to Harmonika. After a while, the company adopted the name Delicia.

What Made the Delicia Accordion Brand So Great

One hundred years in the industry have polished the manufacturing process Delicia accordions.

Most of the pieces are delicately made by hand.

The internal mechanisms are carefully crafted to the smallest details.

Here is a menu of some gorgeous Delicia accordion models and their features and price that are available in online stores.

Delicia Accordions

Delicia 37 key 96 bass MIDI accordion

It is a medium-sized-accordion that boasts MIDI for bass, treble, and chords.

It also has three sets of treble reeds and seven couplers.

It is sold with a case and shoulder straps included.


Delicia Popular B/C Melodion

It is small and compact with a weight of 3.18 kg. It doesn’t have keys because it’s a button accordion.

It has eight bass buttons, two rows, and a bright two-voice tremolo setup.

It’s great for Irish and folk music.

Price: £399

Junior IV (red)

The junior model series are piano accordions.

The Junior IV is lightweight and easy to handles.

It has twenty-six treble keys and sixty bass buttons.

It also features two voice treble and four-voice bass octaves.

It comes with a case.

Price: £395.00

Choral IV 120 Bass (red)

This model is a piano accordion.

It has 120 bass buttons, eleven treble registers, and forty-one keys.

Also, it has4/5 LMMH reeds.

It comes with shoulder straps and a case.



When it comes to the best accordion for beginners, you can buy a new instrument, but used accordions have more character and sometimes even better quality.


Delicia is among the top accordion manufacturing company in Russia and one of the world’s best accordion brands.

A hundred years in the business have polished their craft.

As a result, their products provide the best possible quality.

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