Easy accordion songs for every skill level

The accordion can be a tough musical instrument to learn. If you are just starting to play the accordion, there are lots of easy songs you can get yourself familiar with. In this article, we have decided to give a little help to beginner accordion players that know how to read music notes and want to play simple songs from it.

Accordion easy pop songs

There are accordion easy pop songs that can be played by accordion players, especially new ones. We shall look at some of them below.

  • Imagine, Mia and Sebastian’s theme

Imagine, Mia and Sebastian’s theme is very easy to pop music that is played on the accordion. If you are familiar with playing these songs on the piano, it should be easy on the accordion

  • Wonderful world

This is also full named what a wonderful world. The keys of this song can also be learned easily from a songbook by beginners. You should try it out.

Raindrops keep falling on my head, Pink panther, River flows in you, Sweet caroline, Strangers in the Night, The sound of music, Scarborough fair, A million dreams, at last, blowin are all easy songs that can be mastered by the beginner.

The songs above are popular songs that are played on almost every kind of musical instrument out there except the accordion.

How to read sheet music for an accordion

This is probably one of the hardest parts of the accordion learning for most people after getting to know how to place their fingers on the bass notes of accordions. This section will help you master how to read the sheet.

Only if you know the notes of a song can you then be able to tell what tunes to play on your accordion. The first thing you need to know is the bass clef and your treble clef. After that, you need to know the placement of the chords on the staff.

More than one example of folk songs

  • The hole in the hedge jig

The good thing about this song is that you can play it using only a few fingers on the left-hand side of the accordion. With steady practice, you will get a hang of it.

  • The little diamond polka

This one’s a little bit tough because the D major needs to be fingered most times on the bass button side. Although it is though, it will help you in playing almost any kind of music tune.

Easy country music

These are some easy country songs that can be learned like – Road to Nowhere by David Bryne, and Constant Craving by K.D Lang.

Other songs that you can try out

The Can Can

This song is slow. This makes it easy for any accordionist that wants to learn how to play it.

Amazing Grace by John Newton

The amazing grace song is a piece of popular music that is played on almost any musical instrument. The beautiful melody and sweet lyrics are sounded by the G major chord on the accordion.

When the Saints go Marching in

The tune of this music is pleasant to listen to and easy to play.

The Hallerman

Ode to joy

This is a famous song by the popular Beethoven. It makes use of just two chords on the accordion. Notice how it serves as a good way to practice the bellow movement.

Music box dancer

The Mist-Covered mountains

Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darrin

This music came out in the late 90s. The note in it is easy to master

Moon River

The moon river is a piece of traditional music that can be played with the accordion.

The Godfather Waltz

Classical music in its own time. The Godfather Waltz has an easy fingering system you will notice.

Happy Birthday to you

The are many recordings of this sound. If you are in search of a song that’s easy on the accordion, for sure this should be one.

O Danny boy

Traditional music, this list will not be complete if the O Danny boy is missing in it.


What’s the best advice for a beginner?

If you are just starting to learn the accordion, the little help you can give to yourself is by practicing every day. You can download free accordion music sheets and train with them. You can search for the particular sheet online.

Best pop songs to learn as a newbie

Pink panther, Raindrops keep falling on my head, River flows in you, Sweet caroline, The sound of music, Strangers in the Night, Scarborough fair, A million dreams, at last, blowin.

What is the right hand used on the accordion?

Do you look at the piano on the right side and guess how to play it? 4/4 of your right hand is used on that part of the equipment.

Can I start by playing hard music on the accordion?

There’s no rush in playing the accordion. It is better if you start with easy music, that way you know how to press the buttons and move the bellows to produce the right tunes. If you start playing hard tunes without even knowing how to play easy tunes, it can become tough. Complete the simple then you can progress to the complex.


Now that you know some easy songs to start training with, you should get to it quickly. If you remain consistent in learning, you could soon be professional.

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