What made the Guerrini accordion brand famous?

There are three Guerrini’s involved in making accordions. Naturally, this can be confusing. But the famous Guerrini accordion was first made in San Francisco, California.

The accordion lost popularity during the rise of Rock ‘n’ Roll music. Even so, San Francisco recognized the accordion as their official instrument.

Guerrino accordion company provided the earliest high-end custom accordions. The secret to the quality of these accordions lies in how accordions are made – the hours spent making every piece perfect.

Best Guerrini accordion models

Guerrini accordion brand specializes in custom accordions. Most old accordions vary in features. When buying second-hand accordions, expect some changes from the original features. It can be as simple and small as shoulder straps, or it can also be some of the primary parts of the accordion.

Here are some outstanding Guerrini accordion models.

96 Bass Guerrini Accordion

It is a medium-sized professional accordion.

It has a 4-voice double octave and two registers. This 96-button and 37 treble-key model has hand-made reed sets with musette tuning. This model is perfect for classical and jazz music.

Its weight is 23.5 pounds. Because it is small, it is one of the best accordions for beginners to play.

This model may be hard to find in a local music store.

3676 – Black Guerrini Accordion (Special Model Piano Accordion)

“Old Man Playing an Accordion” by mswern is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

This model has 120 bass buttons and has five registers. It has 4/5 LMMM reeds and features a treble of 41 Keys, 19.25″(49cm) Key to Key, 9+M Registers. Also, it has a triple Musette with French Tuning.

You can find this model sold in an online store. You can call the seller and arrange a viewing to ensure it’s in working condition.

Davinci Guerrini Superior 2

Davinci Guerrini is a professional accordion created in Italy in the late 1900s.

It has four treble sets of reeds (LM1M2M3). It has a double-tone chamber, concert tuning, and 41 keys. It also features twelve different treble switches.

Guerrini Classic Cassotto Amplified Accordion

The Guerrini classic cassotto accordion has hand-made four-set treble reeds. It features authentic French and Italian sounds.

Additionally, it has 96 buttons and 37 keys. It also has three bass switches, and a double-tone cassotto chamber.

Original models come with shoulder straps and bags.

Guerrini 120 Bass, Superior 2 President

120 bass is a category of accordion that uses a Stradella bass system.

Guerrini accordion 120 bass model has four voice octaves and forty-one keys. It, of course, has 120 bass pearl buttons. The weight of the Guerrini 120 bass is 28 pounds. It is heavier than the Guerrini 96 bass. This instrument has excellent sound quality and comes with shoulder straps.

If you’re looking to buy an accordion, you might want to make a call to the store to check what’s on sale. It will save you hours.


Guerrini accordion brand boasts high quality in their custom-made accordions. Every accordion is a masterpiece inside and out.

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