How to find the right accordion lessons online

Is it easy to learn the accordion? The answer is no. Learning how to play the accordion is no easy task.

Every course online claims they’ll be able to turn you into a pro fast. So you need to be careful and study all of your options.

When looking for the right course for you, keep these factors in mind:

Accordion online lesson selection factors

How fast can you learn?

Not everybody learns at the same pace so, it is okay to be a slow learner. Your accordion is not going anywhere. So if you think you need a lesson that you can pause every once in a while, then go for it. I have listed some great courses like that on the list below.

Your availability

How many hours can you allocate for your accordion lessons?

Can you follow a schedule?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Do not be pressured to alter your entire day for your lessons. There are thousands of accordion lessons online. You will be able to find the course that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.

So take the time to reflect and decide. I suggest plotting your free time before browsing for lessons online. Doing this will make it easier for you to filter them.

Your musical equipment

Ask yourself what kind of accordion do you want to learn? This instrument has plenty of variations. Choose one and focus on that. The Button accordion is the easiest to learn which makes it a great starting tool for beginners.

The Piano accordion, on the other hand, is the most popular. If you search the websites I included in the article, almost 70% of the teachers specialize in piano accordions.

The best way to determine which one will work best for you is to have a listening session.

Search for pieces played with a piano accordion on youtube and listen to them. Then compare those with pieces played with the other types of accordions and see which one you like the most.

Your learning equipment

Of course, by searching for accordion lessons online, I assumed that you already have your accordion so, I will not be talking about that here.

What I mean by learning equipment is:

Do you think your internet can handle streaming live online accordion lessons?

Would your connection allow you to join a zoom class of 40 people without glitching?

Is your webcam clear enough that your instructor can see you?

Do you have headphones clear enough to deliver the quality of audio that you need to hear the music over chat?

I understand the need for an actual instructor to monitor your progress. I also think that it is the best way to learn. But I doubt you will learn much from watching a laggy zoom class. Assess your connection before choosing your course.

Some accordion lessons online are pre-produced. That means you can just download them and watch them offline. If you think your current learning tools can not handle live online accordion lessons, do not push it. Offline classes are full of lessons and materials that will help you get started. Plus, you can always move up to live sessions later on.

Accordion class factors

Class size

Are you the type of person that learns better with a class or when you are alone? Some people progress faster when they have classmates to compare their work with. But like I said, go with your own pace. If a class is not for you, then that is okay too.

You can choose to join live lessons online, a one-on-one, or an offline course. But I have to warn you that private lessons will cost you. They are worth it, especially if you are dedicated to the craft. Having a solo instructor focus on you will help you progress faster. But it is not the only way to go. I placed some great solo and class courses down below so, pick which one works best for you.


There are so many types of accordions. Before looking for lessons, research the instrument that you already have in your hand. If you have a button accordion, find an accordion teacher who’s proficient in it.

Also, read a lot of reviews before signing up for any online accordion lessons. Not all teachers teach the same. Some like riling up their students to get them to progress faster. Some believe that positive reinforcement is the way to go. So go with whichever you think will work best for you.


Learning the accordion takes time. If you are only looking to learn to play certain pieces, maybe a couple of weeks’ worth of lessons online would do. But if you are trying to be good at it, then that will take at least two years. Lessons would cost you. So before looking you go browsing, determine how much you are willing to spend to learn.

Great websites that will have you playing the accordion-like a pro

Now you are ready to pick your course. Here are some of the best accordion lessons online:

Online Academy of Irish music

Class size: Solo/class

Lesson Type: Pre-produced

Price: Depends on your budget

Online Academy of Irish Music website


Renowned school

Layered learning system

Knowledgeable teachers



The Online Academy of Irish music is a well-known school of music. It provides lessons for many different instruments. Aside from the accordion, they also teach violin, piano, etc.

This school has impressive teachers. They have been around for a while now. So finding reviews and comments about each online accordion course they offer is super easy.

What is great about this website is that they label their online lessons for easy filtering. They have intermediate-level lessons, beginner/basic lessons, and the like. This way, you can assess which program you want to enroll in and who the teacher will be.

Online Academy of Irish music is heavy on skype classes. If you are looking for a course where the teacher can monitor and grade your progress, then this is it. Whether you are learning to play the button, the piano, or a digital accordion, this site can teach you how to do it.

The learning method in the Online Academy of Irish music is a bit traditional. So expect the lessons to start with learning music theory like in traditional schools instead of jumping straight to playing the instrument.

Conclusion: If you are a beginner, choose the Online Academy of Irish music. It will help set you up. But for more advanced accordion lessons online, I suggest you look further down the list.

Accordion Life Academy

Class size: Solo/Class

Lesson Type: Pre-produced/Online/Both

Price: $47/mo or $470/yr

Accordion Life Academy Website


Award-winning musicians from around the world

Focused just on teaching accordions

Has produced some great students

Plenty of free resources for students

Can join a class online if you want to

Some lessons online that you can access from any devices



The online lessons here are hands down the best out there. Accordion Life Academy has lessons for both solo and class learning. They also encourage live online accordion lessons. They do not make it mandatory, though. They also start with the basics and teach music theory before jumping into the actual lessons.

The instructors in Accordion Life Academy are all accomplished. You can read all about them on the website even before creating your account. You will notice that most of them specialize in playing the Piano accordion. But there are still some instructors that can teach you how to play the button accordion too. Plus, the payment system is a monthly subscription. So if you are like me and you are super conscious about signing up for hourly-based lessons online, then this is godsent.

As a testament to their dedication to the craft, they provide tons of free stuff on their website. There are Music sheets, accordion-related articles, snippets of lessons online, etc. Some of their live online accordion lessons are also free! You get to play in front of masters and receive some great feedback-all in your monthly subscription. Which to be honest, does not cost much.

Conclusion: I can go on and on about how great their online accordion lessons are. But I will leave the link here so you can find it for yourself. If you are THAT serious about getting good at playing the accordion, then go for this one. It is a no-brainer.

Take Lessons

Class size: Solo/Class

Lesson Type: Pre-produced/Online/Both

Price: $47/mo or $470/yr

Take Lessons Website


Freedom to choose teachers


Choose accordion lessons based on your budget

Great user interface

It has lessons both online and offline


No designated curriculum

On your own when it comes to negotiating with the teacher

Take Lesson is a crowd-funding site. The site itself does not provide the accordion lessons. It is just a platform where you can meet teachers and teachers can meet you. In a way, it is like Udemy. But instead of being lesson-centric, it is teacher-centric.

Instead of searching for a course, you can search for an accordion teacher. You will be able to view their profiles and hear from their past students. This is a great website for those who wish to have a more personal 1-on-1 and live online accordion course.

Unfortunately, this site does not offer you much protection. Once you and your teacher reach an agreement, you are on your own. Some people like it that way. But for others, this may be a little alarming. Plus, it is up to the teacher if he/she will provide a proper curriculum before the lessons start.

Conclusion: If you are going with this one, do heavy research. This website provides some of the best accordion lessons online if used properly. So learn what time, teaching methods, and approaches work for you before choosing an instructor. Make sure you know what you want to learn from them. Of course, you should still let the instructors lead. They are the professionals. But having a clear idea of what you want to get from the course, would be good for you.

Liberty Bellows

Class size: Solo

Lesson Type: Online/Offline

Price: Starts at $25 per 30 min

Liberty Bellows Website h


Accordion-focused courses

Can be 1-on-1

Choose accordion lessons based on your budget

Knowledgeable instructors

Plenty of previews on the website to help you choose

Has lessons online and offline


A bit on the pricey side

This is another great, accordion-focused site. Liberty bellows are kinda like Accordion Life Academy but instead of the monthly subscription, you get to purchase lessons. What’s great about this site is that they have accordion lessons even for kids. So if you’re starting from zero, then I suggest you check this one out.

They have plenty of resources on their website. They also generously have little free lessons on there. So if you’re wondering if their teaching methods would work for you, check those videos out. See if you like the instructors.

The lessons on this site don’t seem to be cheap, though. But they’re not in any way overpriced. Of course, you’ll be learning from masters so those lessons are worth it.

Whether you want an offline lesson or live online accordion lessons, Liberty Bellows has them. They even have books that can teach you music theory before you start taking video lessons. So give them a chance and take a look at their website.

Conclusion: Liberty Bellows is a great site. It can make a pro out of you. Just be sure to prepare your wallet because it’s going to cost you.

There are plenty of other sites out there that can teach you how to play the accordion. But these are the cream of the crop. These sites have been around for a while. They have already established their name on the field. Plus, they have plenty of past students who can swear by them.

Money concerns?

Don’t worry I also rounded out some free sites for those who can’t afford to take paid accordion lessons online.

Free Online Accordion Classes


Duaneschnur free accordion online course

Don’t click (x) yet. You’re definitely on the right site. At first glance, the website is surprisingly old-fashioned which’s alarming. But try to scroll down and explore it. You’ll find so many lessons online for Free! That’s right, Free!

It seems that the owner is a retired musician(according to the site). He/She has so many classical music sheets and old accordion music theory lessons ready for download. They didn’t give my computer a virus so I guarantee that yours would be fine. Do check it out!

Please take note that the lessons are only for those learning how to play the Piano accordion. If you’ve chosen the button accordion, this one probably won’t be of much help to you. Plus all the lessons are downloadable so you can review them even when you’re no longer online.

Youtube Accordion Tutorial Videos

Click Here to Find Youtube Accordion tutorial videos

Youtube has some great lessons that can help you get started on your accordion journey. Accordion Life Academy and Liberty Bellows also have their channels here so be sure to check them out. They both have some free starter lessons here where you can start learning from.

The Final Word

With a little bit of research, I’m sure you’ll find an online accordion instruction system that will work for you. Happy learning and I hope this article helps you on your journey on mastering the accordion online.

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