What makes Sinova accordions so special?

Sinova accordions remaing one of the top choices of accordion purists around the globe. Knowing this, it is naturally a go-to choice by professional players, and it is also one of the best accordions for beginners.

Let’s take a look at what makes Sinova accordions special. We hope this article will help you.

Origin of Sinova accordions company

There is little data on the earlier years of Sinova or Sinova accordions.

But the story begins in a small town in Italy nestled between mountains. It is known for producing thousands of high-quality instruments.

In the year 1883, Castelfidardo has a booming economy. The business of making an accordion provided jobs for thousands of Castelfidardo citizens.

The Sinova accordions company started as a small company. Over the years, it grew to be one of the best accordion brands in Italy. In time, they started loading them for export.

The complete name of Sinova is Sinova di Menghini Samuele & C S.n.c.

What does the Sinova accordions brand make?

Sinova made several products.

Back in the 1850s, in Paris, a new version of the instrument was made. It is still similar to the button type, but there is a change in appearance. It doesn’t require a trained eye to see.

The new instrument has a keyboard like a piano. On another side, it has button keys (bass).

This acoustic and aerophone instrument uses reeds.

Reeds are the centerpiece. As air goes through them, they vibrate to create sounds.

The piano accordion gained popularity. It is still played by many musicians this year.

Sinova accordions also manufactured Alpine models that create authentic Slovenian sound. They are popular for Oberkrainer, Volkstümliche, and other music that people in the alps play.

New modern music incorporates them in their tunes.

Another Sinova accordions product is the bass piano accordion.

It is a kind of piano accordion. Its keyboard (treble) is lower by three octaves.

The 120 bass piano accordion is ideal for professionals and practice use.

There are a lot of 120 bass piano models with different brands. See the Sinova 120 model below.

Sinova accordions also made button accordions.

This is the original version of an accordion. It was created in the 1800s.

It has two sets of buttons on each side which are laid out in rows. Varying models have a varying number of buttons.

The rhythm and tune are determined by the bass buttons while the melody is dependent on the treble buttons.

It has two kinds: The first kind is the chromatic type.

Its treble buttons are chromatically arranged, while the bass buttons use the fixed bass system. Each key plays a single note.

The second type is diatonic which is the opposite of that mentioned above.

In contrast, you get different tones for each key depending on the direction of the bellows.

Are old Sinova accordions worth anything?

Vintage Sinova accordions in a store can sell for thousands of dollars. Sinova accordions’ prices depend on its model, year of manufacture, features, and condition. Old instruments have character and history. It is what makes them valuable.

If you inherited an old accordion, try to search and contact a music store or antique shop. You may get it appraised. If you like to sell it at a higher price, you can check if they offer restoration services.

Restoration can take time, but it will increase the value of the product.

Sinova Accordion piano and bass models

There are a number of excellent Sinova accordions that you might be interested in.

Sinova Black Forest Alpentraum 4120M

Apeltraum is a forty-one treble-key model having ten stops.

It has:

  • 120 buttons
  • four registers
  • uses 4/5 LMMM reeds
  • extended keyboard
  • triple musette tuning

The 120 bass accordion is used by professionals. Its 120 bass keys provide flexibility in sound.

Using a number of tools, the reeds are enhanced to create musette tuning. Its tremolo is lowered and a 3rd voice is added.

The 120 switches can either be an authentic musette or a super musette.

Alpine gold Sinova 4120 CMHR

This piano accordion model has a striking exterior finish.

Its pearl-white keys, gold case, including elegant wood frames make an excellent accordion.

It uses:

  • 120 bass buttons
  • musette tuning
  • 42 (key to key) piano keys
  • uses ten treble registers
  • four bass registers
  • handcrafted reeds

This product weighs eleven kilograms.

Alpengold Sinova 396 M without Cassotto

It’s built with:

  • Indian apple
  • Root nut
  • Yew
  • maple wood.

The low air consumption is low due to hand sanded and riveted cases. This model sports an exquisite keyboard.

It uses:

  • thirty-four three-choir keys
  • six treble registers
  • ninety-six bass buttons
  • four bass registers
  • musette tuning.

It weighs nine kilograms.

Alpengold Sinova Junior 24 Plus Yew

It is made of yew and features wooded buttons. It also has wooden frames and silver grills.

If you want to experience the best acoustic accordion, this is your choice. The wood materials help improve the acoustic properties especially the tone.

It features:

  • forty-six key trebles in four rows
  • one coupling or register
  • 16 bass keys.

It is compact. It weighs only six kilograms.

What is a good brand of accordion?

Undoubtedly, the Sinova accordions brand is one of the world’s best accordion brands when it comes to the quality of its products. It is a natural choice for professional musicians wanting to buy new instruments

Even so, there are other top-notch brands.


Roland is a new brand based in Japan. Compared to German, Italian and French, they are relatively new. They feature electronic accordions.


D’luca specializes in producing small items and accordion accessories.


It is also a German brand. It is founded by Matthias Hohner.


Similar to Roland, this brand produces electronic accordions similar to Roland.


Weltmeister company specializes in all kinds of accordions.

It creates some of the best accordions in Germany.

It produces both chromatic and diatonic instruments.

Did accordions originate from France or Italy?

Handaoline was the first accordion-like instrument. It was a button-type accordion. C. Friedrich L. Buschmann hold the patent. He registered it in Germany.

Although years later, Italians lead the manufacture of the button accordion. Their craftsmanship boosted the demand for their product.

Many high-quality piano accordions are manufactured in France. Especially piano accordion which they are credited for inventing.

Picking the best accordion for you

Instruments have varying aspects. The same goes for accordions.

These include the size, design, key, brass, reeds, and tuning. It makes choosing a bit complicated. Here is a quick guide to help you decide.

Be familiar with the accordion.

You must have a basic knowledge of the musical instrument including the types, parts, and specifications.

Several models will vary in features and design knowing some of the brands and models may give you a clear picture of what you want.

Discover your music style.

Varying instruments are ideal for varying styles of music.

Discover the music preference you want to play. This will help you tremendously in choosing.

Research the store.

Next, do research reputable accordion stores and dealers. They offer varying models and brands.

Chooses a shop you like. Check out their site or contact them for available models before proceeding to their store. The extra time you sacrifice will be worth it.

If you can, try holding or playing it. Sometimes, gut feeling is the best way to know if it is right for you.

Before you buy an accordion, see it for yourself. Do not just buy online.

Check the condition.

Check the condition of the available accordions. Look for any sign of damage. A crack in the casing is a bad sign. Restoration can cause you a lot of money. If you cannot afford to buy a new one, get a used one in the best condition.

Ask about inclusions.

Lastly, before you buy, ask about what is your purchase will include. Does it have available straps and a case? Does it have a warranty?

You can also ask if they offer credit where you can pay per month. Be careful of hidden charges and teaser rates. Teaser rates are good offers. But sometimes the customer does not realize the burden of the payment on the budget until the bills come.

If you are renting, see if you can include in the contract a change of instrument. This might be helpful in the future when you want to change your accordion mid-contract.


Sinova brand offers high-end quality products. They are a good choice for those looking to get a beginner or professional accordion.

Artisans use their hand as tools. Their craftsmanship and the time they pour into making each product help make it top-notch. It is the key to Sinova operations.

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