What is a mini-accordion?

what is a mini-accordion

A mini-accordion is a small, portable version of the traditional accordion. Like a traditional accordion, a mini-accordion has two rows of buttons on the right hand side, and a keyboard on the left hand side. Each button or key corresponds to a specific pitch, and the instrument is played by pressing the buttons or keys … Read more

Your quick guide to accordion parts

Accordions come in several types. Each has distinct features. Accordions have several universal parts as well. Before knowing how an accordion works, you must understand its components and sections. Reeds Free reeds are the means through which an accordion generates sound. You can find these reeds inside the accordion’s case. Reed blocks may be fabricated … Read more

The Different Types Of Concertina

A concertina is a free-reed musical instrument, similar to the accordion, played by expanding and compressing the bellows while pressing buttons or keys on either side. It is typically used in folk music genres and is sometimes called a squeezebox. Most concertinas are often used in traditional Irish music and classical music, and they are … Read more