Complete List of Historic Vintage Accordion Brands

In addition to our list of the best accordion brands currently in production, we would also like to turn your attention to our top list of historical or ‘vintage’ accordion brands. Accordion brands that existed for more than four decades are considered vintage.

These vintage pieces are often of high quality because of the tough quality standards during the 1800’s and 1900’s and therefore have a high value. There are a few records indicating the brands produced in that historical period.

Today, some of these accordions that are in good condition are sought after and still being played by accordion music lovers around the world. Indeed, some of the best accordion players in history preferred at least one of the best vintage accordion brands.

If you have come across an antique accordion for sale and would like some background information on the company behind it, check out our complete list of historic vintage accordion brands below. While most of these companies are no longer in business, they have left quite an impact on the world of accordion music and equipment manufacturing.

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Official website of Hohner:

Hohner Diatomic accordions were manufactured by the Hohner company, one of the companies that mass produced the accordions in the 20th century. The Hohner Company is found in Germany, in 1857.
Hohner Diatomic accordions were famous because of their reliabilty, durability and good quality. These accordions were exported to different areas in the world such as the USA. By the middle of the 20th Century, Horhner Companies were manufacturing millions of accordions.
They had different models such as the Corona-3row, Panther g-c-f-row and the Amica Forte IV 96 piano accordion. They are easy to understand and play which makes them one of the leading brands of accordions available for learners.

Paolo Soprani

Official website of Paolo Soprani :
This is an accordion brand owned by Paolo Soprani founded in Castelfidardo Italy. There is a tale of how Soprani came about to start his company. It is said that a traveller from Austria returned home to Italy in 1863. He found refuge for the night on a farm house owned by Antonio and Lucia Soprani who were Paolo’s parents.
He carried with him an accordion which he played for them that night. That raised interest towards accordions for Paolo, who sleeked to know how it worked. He tought himself and started one of the first accordion making workshops in Italy.
Later, he opened an accordion manufacturing Company that became successful in his home town with the farmers. It later became one of the biggest brands in Italy in the early 1900s.


Official website of Pigini:

Pigini accordions were manufactured in Italy by the Pigini di Filippo company. It started operating since the 1930s, which exported accordions to many countries such as Sweden, Egypt, Pakistan, USA, Canada, and Denmark.
The company was owned by Filippo Pigini a war veteran, and his patners Luigi, Gino, Adriano and his brother Marino Pigini. At the time of the company launch, the country was post war and the economic situation was not favourable for opening a company.
The young men still opened their workshop and relied on their superior craftmanship to produce some of the best accordions at the time, forged by their determination and exceptional working ethics from Fillipo Pigini.


It is also one of the known brands of accordions manufactured by Victoria companies founded by Dario Dari and Adrianno Piccheti in 1919. It originally started by developing Converter accordions which is why the company popularly known for Victorian converters.
Victorian accordions produce a loud and soft sound loved by many accordion players. It is based in Italy and worked with different accordionists and accordion teachers to consult on what the customers needed in order to design their accordions.
It is still one of the best brands of accordions used by many professional accordionists to date due to its quality.


Official website of Brandoni:

It is an accordion brand in Castelfidardo Italy, manufactured by Brandoni and sons company. The Company was founded by Giovani Brandoni and his sons Ubaldo and Paolo. Brandoni was a skilled craftsman who used traditional tools and techniques to produce accordions.
His skills ensured the quality of the accordions made, including some of the finest materials available at the time. The quality of the instruments he made influenced the growth of the brand, and the growth of its sales in Italy and other countries.
His sons took over the Company after learning the skills and knowledge of the family business.


Official website of Piatanesi:

Fransesco Paitanesi founded his company in 1902 which manufactured Accordions in Italy. It was located in Castelfidardo, and focused in production of quality accordions. Its high quality accounted for the success of the production and sales of accordions for the company.
It became one of the many accordions sought after worldwide. They were known for producing professional accordions, most of which were even used in music production studios.
Its accordions were made from reeds and some of the finest wood, handcrafted with skilled artisans trained by Piatanesi to produce the superior quality of accordions. Piatanesi accordions are among the big names in the accordion industry.


Official website of Beltuna:

This brand was a result of the efforts of two experienced craftsmen, Arnando Mengascini and Elio Baldoni. They used their combined skills and experience to develop accordions using different materials. They tried out with different methods and materials and eventually came up with an accordion.
Initially, they sold their accordions to different shops which branded and sold them. The quality of accordions was loved, and the brand gained recognition among musicians.
Soon, they created their brand Beltuna, a combination of the word bel which means beautiful in Italian and tuna meaning tunes.
The two artisans started selling their accordions under the Beltuna brand, and they became one of the most competitive brands of accordions at the time.


Official website of Cooperfisa:

It is also an accordion brand in Italy founded in 1921. It was formed through combined efforts from different accordion manufacturing shops within Verseli. They produced different types including chromatic and Musset accordions, which they were popular for.
During and after the war, the demand for accordions dropped, which led to many accordion manufacturing shops to close. One company that held on was Coope Armoniche and only had three employees.
In 1981, its owners Pancrazio and Emiliano employed more skilled artisans and trained them on how to make accordions. They then rebranded to Cooperfisa, and restored the accordion industry within Italy and other countries through the quality of their instruments.
Their accordions were known to have unique structures and sounds, and were lighter than former accordions but still maintained the quality of music.


Official website of Borsini:

Borsini is a company Brand from Castelfidardo in Italy. It was launched in 1922 and has been manufacturing accordions since then. The family ensured quality of their products by conducting thorough research on how to make accordions, and investing in skilled craftsmanship.
Their accordions were made from carefully chosen materials and fibres for strings. The structure and formation of Borsini accordions were unique to others. It produced a strong and melodious sound which was made to show the love the Borsini family had for their craft.
Their instruments have a smooth texture and show the precisions and passion used when making the instruments. It is still loved by many accordion makers worldwide.


Official website of Borsini:

It is an accordion brand manufactured by Piermaria which started its operations in 1905. It is based in Castelfidardo in Italy and was founded by Nazzareno Piermaria. Its accordions are some of the best and are well known by many musicians globally.
Its production consists of carefully picked resources as well as a unique design process to ensure its quality and distinct sound. The process of manufacturing Piermaria accordions involves a mix of traditional craftsmanship together with new inventions.
It is known by musicians by its structure and tunes. Pier maria manufacturers ensure quality of their products, that is why it is still selling its accordions even today.


Official website of Scandali:

This is a brand that was by the Scandali brothers in 1900, headed by Silvio Scandalli. In the early days of the company, they did their operations in a small workshop. After the Second World War, more people started buying accordions and the Scandalli brand grew with the demand.
The Scandali brothers collaborated with Soprani to work together in 1941 in the production of accordions. The Company was known as the Centri Didattico Musicale Italiano CDMI. Accordion musicians and teachers even composed musicial pieces using the accordions produced by the new company.
The accordions also led to the establishment of a musical magazine Strumentu and Musica that is still publishing today.
Silvio scandalli worked with some of the companies’ best craftsmen to create the Scanadalli SUPER VI. This accordion is considered one of the best produced in the industry. Its reputation is still unsurpassed until today.


Official website of Serellini:

This brand gained popularity in the 1980s when it was showcased on the German exhibition in Frankfurt known as Misikmesse. Serellini is a product of Mr.Luciano who started its production in 1978 in Loreno Castelfidardo in Italy.
Before that, Mr. Luciano worked for a company that produced toy accordions. With time, he became interested in producing actual accordions, so he looked for friend who worked at accordion manufacturing shops and learnt how to create and accordion.
He subcontracted for different companies in his early days of accordions making and ended up creating his own brand Serellini. His products are entirely made in Italy, with Italian materials. Since then, they have exported to different countries in Europe and even in US.

Fratelli Alessandrini

This brand is from the brothers Alfredo and Gino Allessandrini. The brand has been in the market since after World War two. The family started producing accordions after being taught the craft by the famous accordion musician and accordion maker Paolo Soprani.
The company is located in Castelfidardo Italy, Fratelli Alessandrini has sold many of its products within and outside the country. Italy is one of the countries that had the highest number of accordion manufacturers and players.
The quality of accordions that was required was high for the accordions to remain relevant in the market. It is still one of the popular brands in the market today.


Official website of Vignoni:

It is an instrument loved by many accordion players due to its light structure which also makes it easily portable. It was manufactured by the Firsart and Vignoni Company located in Castelfidardo in Italy. The company was first founded by Elvio Vignoni but was passed down to his son Giancarlo.
Elvio Vignoni started the company in 1981 by selling parts of accordions to other accordion making companies. His son Giancarlo began the manufacture of accordions under the brand Vignoni.
He used the knowledge and experienced of traditional accordion-making, to create a superior quality accordion, that is still a well known vintage brand today.


Official website of Mengascini:

This is also a brand that started manufacturing accordions at the peak of accordion popularity in 1970. The company was founded by Mr. Mengascini Nello and has been passed down in the family for three generations.
The method of production of accordions made it competitive in the market as its quality ranks among the best.
The company is found in Italy and produces a range of accordion types such as the Chromatic button, piano and diatonic accordions. The superior quality of the accordions produced by Mengascini has ensured that more accordion musicians still buy Mengascini accordion brand.

Bugari Armando

Official website of Bugari Armando:

The company was started by Nello Bugari, but it did not start manufacturing accordions until his son Armando bugari took over. It started as a small business but became a brand in 1991.
Similar to most of the accordion brands in Castelfidardo in Italy, it has sold its accordions to many countries globally such as Italy and Europe..
The period between 1980s and 1990 was the time when the brand name appeared in the accordion industry and in the international markets. The brand has partnered with Tianjun Huayun limited that ensures they produce and sell accordions in Italy and oversees.


It has been in the market since 1984 and is located in Castelfidardo, Italy. The company, D.And D. Fantino accordions, produces accordions using locally selected materials and use well researched methods to develop their accordions.
The company also incorporates new technology while staying true to their traditional methods when they are making their accordions. This has allowed them to meet the demands of their products, and make custom accordions for their professional customers.
Fantino accordions are a brand of accordions that is still sold in Italy and many other parts of the world due to the reliability they have in the market.

Della Noce

This brand of accordions is manufactured by the Dela Noce factory in Teramo Italy. It was founded by Loreto Dela Noce who started as a worker that made accordions for different accordion companies in Philadelphia.
He later formed his own company in 1925 originally located in Penna Sant’Andrea, Philadelphia. He handed down the traditional techniques of creating accordions to his son Giuseppe, who took over the company and later on to Gianni Falconi, Giuseppe’s son in law.
The production of Della Noce accordions is a step by step process, all handmade to ensure that each accordion is skilfully made with precision from their workers.


Official website of Excelsior:

This brand of accordions gained popularity after World War 2 when its demands increased in orchestras. Some of the popular people like Charles magnante and Art van Damme together with many other proficient accordion musicians played with their accordions.
The company started its operations in 1924 in New York and quickly grew its brand due to the high quality of accordions loved by many accordionists. Apart from that, it also opened a new branch in Castelfidardo in Italy in 1948 which increased its sales and enabled them to meet their demands.
The brand makes its products using its traditional craft-making techniques and the carefully selected materials to produce instruments preferred by players and professionals in the industry.

Siwa and Figli

Official website of Siwa and Figli:

Siwa and Figli is a company started in 1985 in Yugoslavia. Its founder Ivan Stanojavic was a talented artisan in accordion making, so much so that his brand Siwa and Figli was known by many artists and players of the accordions worldwide.
It produced accordions for musical colleges and competed with some of the best brands from Italy which is known as the centre of accordion production. Ivan seemed to ensure his brand was competitive by studying the accordion production from Italian manufacturers.
He later on decided to open a factory in Italy in Castelfidardo, and rebranded his company. Siwa and Figli accordions are handmade with the best designs and produces unique sound.

Zero Sette

Official website of Zero Sette:

The accordion factory was founded in Castelfidardo Italy, the town where most accordions in the early 1900’s were made. It was started by seven experienced accordion manufacturing artisans that joined hands to develop accordions.
Their accordions produced fine tunes, optimum performance and durability accounted to the highest level of handmade craft. Zero Sette brand started its operations in 1945 and has remained relevant for over 65 years to accordion players and professional musicians because of the level of quality of its make. Zero Sette is known by accordionists to offer a unique acoustic sound which touches the emotions and imagination of its listeners.

Petosa accordions

Official website of Petosa:

Petossa accordions was a brand started by Carlos Petosa and Italian Immigrant to the US. He bought his first accordion at the age of 16 and became an accordion musician. He moved to America as a musician but became interested on how to build accordions.
He started with an apprenticeship on the Guerini accordion factory before he started building accordions from his basement in Seattle. His son soon joined him in production and in 1945 they relocated and started the petosa accordion company in Seattle.
They worked with Zero Sette factory in Italy as employees, while building their own accordions on their free time. When their business grew they started developing their brand.
Their accordions were sold both in Italy and the US, and to keep up with the demand, they hired an assistant Giuliano Bugari, a skilled artisan in accordion making to help.
The business was passed down to the generations of the Petosa family and currently still makes accordions and other musical instruments.

Salterelle accordions

Official website of Saltarelle:

The Saltarelle brand has been in the industry for over 3 decades. It is popular for providing custom accordions to popular accordion players such as Emmanuel Pariselle, Sharon Shannon, Norbat Pignol, Brian peters, Christian maes and many others.
The instruments from Saltarelle have a diverse structure is said to be made from French designs but made in Italy with the finest materials picked in Italy. The brand started selling its accordions in 1984 and was started by the recognised accordion artist Cagnoni.
The Salterelle brand produces different models of accordions for their users and they are still selling their accordions today.

Ballone Burini

Official website of Ballone Burini:

Probo Ballone Burini was born into a family of accordion manufacturers, and grew up learning the business of accordion manufacturing. In 1950, the demand of accordions grew and he established his company Ballone Burini in Castelfidardo Italy.
The company sold accordions under his brand Ballone Burini abroad and domestically in Italy. His son Lido Ballone Burini took over the business in 1950 and increased the company’s production.
He did this by modifying the structure of the accordions to suit accordion demands in France that required unique looking and sounding accordions. The sales also grew, and in 1970 his son Fabio Ballone Burini took over the business and rebranded it with his name Fabio Burini.
Fabio Lido, Fabio’s son took over the company in 2010 and continued with the work of manufacturing the highest quality of accordions.

Maugein accordions

Official website of Maugein:

The brand of Maugein was first seen when Jean maugein started his workshop in 1919 in France. He was a piano tuner who got interested in accordion manufacturing, learnt the technicalities and worked at the Dedenis accordion manufacturing factory. This further sharpened his understanding, skill and experience.
Together with his brothers Antoine and Robert, they made the brand Maugein Freres and built the first factory in 1924. The brothers continued with the expansion of the company even as the brand grew in France and other countries.
The brand was well known since it was one of the accordions that were produced with straps which made playing the accordion more efficient. They continued to adapt to the demands including the introduction of keyboards and more complex decorations.
Its popularity was further boosted with the Festival des Nuits de nacre which increased its sales in the 1980s when the accordion sales had slowed down.


Official website of Dellape:

This company was established by Mariano Dallape in 1876. He was born in Austria but came to Italy to look for employment in the US. He became a stock miner in a harbour but was injured when a mine exploded.
He had to go back to his home country since he could no longer be productive as a miner. He had a diatonic accordion which he used to play in the courtyards for money. One time, some parts of the instruments broke and he was forced to repair it.
He repaired his accordions so well that it produced a better sound than it had previously done. That is when he got the idea of making a more superior accordion that produced richer sound. He established his accordion making factory. He is known as the man that changed the accordion industry.
His accordions became well known and the factory kept growing, his son took over and his grandson took over after his son. The Dellape accordions are still popular producing rich acoustics and are loved by many accordion musicians.

Muller accordions

The Muller accordion manufacturing company was established in 1976 by Peter Muller and his wife Edith Muller. The company is located in Austria and is known for producing durable and reliable accordions suited for different types of players from new, old and traditional accordion players.
One of the accordion models that players identify with is the styrian accordion produced by the Muller company. It was made after a consultation from professional accordion players, skilled craftsmanship and quality materials.
They also have a variety of models under its brand created to suit different types of accordion players. The brand is still growing 40 years after its inception due to their new models meant to give new experiences to its players. They even have a studio where you can record your tunes using one of their accordions.


Official website of Karntnerland:

This accordion brand is also known as Music Schwarz and was founded in 1679 in Austria. The company was a family business and has been handed down to generations from the original owner. The company originally made harps and other parts of musical instruments.
Their customers were mostly Jewish, but with the popularity of the accordions in the 20th century, and they started making accordions and harmonicas. They have made a collection of popular accordions, and the accordions are still made with the family traditions and values in sight.
They still sell harps and harmonicas together with accordions and produce a variety of models to suit different customers.


The carpentier brand of accordion started when Francis carpentier from Belgium developed interest in manufacturing accordions. He went to Italy in 1964 to understand how accordions were made and stayed for four months.
He worked together with other accordion makers in Italy to manufacture high quality accordions. His accordions became popular as he taught many accordion players who appeared on the televisions show.
His company still produces accordions and sells them and the brand is still growing, one of the companies is in Verdun and has employed people that follow his strict quality framework to manufacture and repair accordions.

Bertrand Gaillard

Official website of Bertrand Gaillard:

This brand started when Bertrand Gaillard, a French cabinet maker became interested in making accordions. He started by learning how to play the accordion, before he designed and made his first accordion in 1980. He then took his first accordion to an exhibition and finally started his factory.
He started with a workshop and using locally sourced materials such as walnut wood and used his experience to design and make the accordions. The Bertrand accordions are made with passion for accordion making; all the parts are made from scratch in the workshop.
Bertrand works with other skilled artisans in tuning and making the parts to ensure the quality in terms of sound, reliability and durability. The brand works according to orders, their customers have to pre-order the accordion for it to be made.


Official website of Weltmeister:

This brand was created in 1949 in Germany and has been in the industry for over 160 years. It was owned by private investors joined hand to make a company, VEB Kleingenthaler that would mass produce accordions. It produced over 125,500 accordions by 1960 and exported their accordions to other countries.
In 1972, some of the companies under the VEB klingenthaler harmoniwarke became state owned. One of the companies included Hermona that produced the brand Weltmeister. The accordions are famous due to their diligence in following the 100 year tradition of hand making accordions.
It offers a high quality accordions and a variety of models suited for learning how to play accordions, professional players and for leisure.

Auro Luukinen

This brand was started by Aaro Lukenen who had studied how to build accordions. His father was also an accordion manufacturer, and so fter his studies Aaro started polishing his skills in his father’s workshop.
His father Matti lukenen had a small workshop for building accordions which was the only operating accordion workshop in Finland. Aaro luukinen started his own workshop that he uses to build his accordions popularly known as Aaro Luukinen, assisted by his family.
He built his accordions similar to how his father built them, as he learnt how to constract the accordions and tune them from His father.


Official website of Zonta:

Zonta bayan accordions are designed after consultation with some of the best accordion manufacturers and experts from all over the world. The accordions are made to ensure durability; the acoustics produced different ranges of music to suit different accordion players.
The brand Zonta Bayan has different models sold in over 30 countries in the world is manufactured by professional accordion manufacturers in Molodechno, Belarus. The brand is popular and played in different operas with renowned accordion players and has won a series of international awards.
Zonta Bayan is an accordion brand also preferred by many master accordion players and used in many musical academies to teach their students.


Official website of Jupiter:

Jupiter accordions were manufactured by Jupiter limited located in Moscow, Russia. This company was founded by master accordion makers supported by A.K. Ginzburg, a group of musical professionals.
The company was established in 1994, and has been producing accordion using the traditional art form, but also applying research and technology to meet the demand of their customers. The brand is known for its professional accordion models made by fine materials and experienced artisans of accordion manufacturing.
Many professional and lovers of accordions prefer Jupiter accordions due to the level of quality and the fact that they meet the demands of their customers in terms of design and sound of the accordions.


Akko brand is manufactured by Akko factory in 1991 located in Russia. The company was founded by a musical artist and accordionist Vladimir Avralev. The brand is produced with the highest quality materials and traditional craftsmanship following the modern trends and sounds.
The accordions are made from reed and the craftsmen produce all the parts and assemble them by hand. This ensures the accordions last longer the tuning is also done manually in the company. The brand is known in Russia as a brand that represents their culture; it is also played outside Russia by accordion musician and music students.
A factor that has made the Akko brand stand out is their ability to make accordions that produces unique sounds adapting to the changing environment of the music industry.


Official website of Titano:

Titano accordions were founded by Titano in Castelfidardo, Italy. The instruments were handmade and tuned by artisans that were talented in the skill of accordion making. The brand became popular in colleges and institutions of higher learning that taught music and most especially in the USA.
This is due to the fact that Titano worked closely with renowned teachers Bill Hughes and Bill Palmer to develop different models that is suitable for learning the instrument. The company was then sold to Ed and Dorothy in Minnesota who later on in 1965 sold it to Ernest Deffner.
Deffner, together with his wife worked with colleges and other institutions that taught higher learning, which made the brand popular within the United States. The brand expanded to other countries like New Zealand and is one of the most played accordion brands.

Vander Aa

The brands started in 1992 in the Netherlands, but the founder of the brand started his passion for making accordions in 1981. Frans Vander Aa as he is known started making accordions as a hobby. Later on, he started making them for sale.
The first model he made known as Compact and is one that propelled him to staring his own workshop. He moved to Colombia in 2006 to make money which he used to start the business back in Netherlands after two years in Bogota.
His model Compact is what the brand is mostly known for and he is working on other new models such as the Condor III that is widely known in Colombia.


Official website of Delicia:

Delicia is a product of an accordion company akordeon servis located in the Czech Republic. It was founded by Josef Kebrdle in 1948 and was previously known as harmonica before it was changed to Delicia.
The brand is known for the models Fantacy and ligatone models and sells their accordions to schools and professional accordion players. The handmade accordions are from the 70 year old accordion making process designed to ensure quality and pristine sounds using fine tuning.
The brand name can be found in many countries in Europe, Russia and the US. Their accordions are still resold in antique shops selling vintage accordions.


Official website of Gabanelli:

The Gabanelli brand was founded by John Gabanelli, an Italian who moved to the United States to look for economic opportunities. At the time in 1961 in Houston, he found that Mexican music had become popular with the residents.
Thanks to his background in accordion manufacturing in Italy, he started designing accordions that would blend in with the sound and the Mexican culture. He started his accordion manufacturing workshop at his home in his garage.
The Gabanelli brand is now a well known brand in the accordions industry for its rich sounds especially that portrays the Mexican identity. You can find many of the accordions with the Gabanelli name, which he made within the 42 years of his work on his company.
The company is now owned by his son and continues to produce unique accordions.


Official website of Ottavianelli:

After years working for Paolo soprano and learning the craft of accordion making, Amedeo Ottavianelli started his own workshop. The workshop was located in Castelfidardo Italy and he used the experience and knowledge he found to make his brand some of which are still being resold today.
The accordions were made from leather, metal and the finest wood and have been fine tuned to produce a rich sound. One popular Ottavianelli accordion model is the Super Concerto piano accordion branded with the Ottavianelli name in Gold.
His son took over the family business in 1975 and renamed the brand Emme Accordions. You can still find some Ottavianelli accordions being sold.

C.G. Conn

Official website of C.G Conn:

It is an accordion brand produced by C.G. Conn, who was a leading American company that made musical instruments. It was started in 1875 and they have manufactured brass instruments for over 140 years.
Their instruments, including accordions are handmade with their skilled craftsmen. The company brands enjoy its reputation that can be traced due to the high quality made with the finest materials.
Their instruments are diverse; they also have different models to suit different musical styles. The brand has been in the industry for long because they are known to mass produce their instruments and offer reliability as well as affordability.

Bonvicini accordions

It is an accordion brand designed and made in Italy in the early 19th Century. It was founded by Lorenzo Bonvicini, an accordion enthusiast and businessman. He started his business by designing and making them in Italy before exporting them to the USA.
The Accordions are known for the famous model the Bonvicini electrichord. This model was designed by Bonvicini’s son Ernest bonvicini. The brand produced fine accordions loved by many accordionists and was easy to learn and play.
Some of the accordion models under this brand include the Bonvicini Pianacord and the Bonvicini electric console. The brand no longer makes accordions but they made many accordions that are still resold online.

La Melodiosa

This is an accordion brand that was distributed by Vince Cirelli to sell his accordions in USA. Vince Cirelli is a talented accordion tuner and maker, and the Son of an Italian Immigrant. He started making and playing accordions when he was young at only 11 years old.
He started an accordion repair shop in 1946 based in San Fransisco. His business attracted accordion enthusiasts from all over the Bay area seeking services from his well known shop. He started importing La Melodiosa accordions, which were made in CastelFidardo, Italy.
He also played a major role in designing some parts which were adapted by the accordion manufacturers, before he sold them to accordionists from his workshop in the US.


Granesso accordion is an accordion by Albin Hagstrom, he started the Granesso accordion in Alavaden in Sweden. His workshop was operational in the 1930s, and he also had another workshop in Denmark. He designed, made and sold his accordions in Denmark.
The Hagstrom accordions are unique with their wooden cases. They made different models such as the Granesso which was mainly known in Sweden. They were popular because they made beginner models such as the Hagstrom 800 that were affordable for upcoming accordionists.


This is an Italian brand that has been producing accordions since the early 1900s. The company is located in Castelfidardo Italy known worldwide to be the town where accordions originated from.
Due to the location, the brand is among several from Italy that produce many models using the original handcrafting process. The accordions range and are produced for all levels from new players to professional and custom made for different musicians.
They are also popular because they also produce accordion accessories which buyers can use for their accordions. Based on the location, the quality of Giordano accordions is high as the competition from accordion makers from Italy is tough.


This brand was manufactured and mainly sold in Brazil. The company that made Scala accordions was established in the early 20th century when the accordion industry was at its prime. The company was owned by Scala who was a proficient accordion maker in Brazil.
The brand is known for the Model Scalletta that was in high demand from 1960 to 1980s. Its success is attributed to the quality of the materials, and the level of craftsmanship that was employed to make the accordion.
The Scala vintage model is still a favourite among accordion lovers as it produces a unique sound. It also has different models to ensure that there is something to suit accordion players from those starting out, to experienced players.


Official website of Castagnari:

This is an Italian brand of accordions located in Giacomo and was founded by Castagnari, a young accordion artisan at the time. The company started its operations in 1914 and the young accordion craftsman made accordions from his passion with the help of his wife Ida Castagnari.
The Castagnari accordions are made from the finest materials and crafted with passion into instruments that produces a strong sound and appeals to the emotions of the player and his audience.
The company also played a crucial role in rejuvenating the love for diatonic accordions in the 1970s after the invention of the chromatic accordions. The company still produces accordions using the passed down techniques.


Cantulia accordions have been in the accordion markets since 1880, but were produced by the Uhlmann and Kahnt companies in Altenburg Germany.
The company then moved to Siegburg where it changed its name to Cantulia KG. They expanded their production by the time world war 2 started. During World War 2 the production stopped since most of their workers were drafted in the war.
After the war, production resumed although they did not reach the number of accordions they could produce before. The brand grew popular because of a band led by a music teacher known as Karl Frank.
The band played Cantulia accordions on Orchestras and was known to have held several successful orchestras by the time Centulia brand was sold to Hohner. It is possible to find many accordions from the Centulia brand that were made at this time.

SEM accordions

Official website of SEM :

This accordion brand appeared in 2002 and was manufactured by the company SEM. The company was established earlier in 1972 when ELKA and ORLA companies in Castelfidardo, Italy merged to form an accordion manufacturing company.
Initially, they started by producing accordions for other brands such as Hohner and PierMaria. They used the expertise and experience of their artisans to produce their accordions. Their accordions were developed with respect to the traditions and high quality of materials.
The brand SEM became a sensation as some of the leading accordion players such as Fredrick Schlick performed with their accordions. The accordions were also displayed in instrument exhibitions and music festivals among the leading accordion brands.

Busato accordions

Busato accordions are vintage accordions that have been in the market more than a century. It was founded in the early 1900s in Italy where the accordion making industry was born. Busato accordions are made from traditional accordion making methods applied in Italy.
The materials used were locally sourced and the accordion brand ensures reliability through the quality of accordions. It has ensured that the Busato accordion brand is among some of the best brands produced.
Its tuning ensures that the players can listen to strong but beautiful sound. The brand has enjoyed popularity as some of the best accordion musicians have played in their concerts with the Busato accordions.


PANcordions were manufactured since 1930 with the PANcordon firm that was located in long Island in the US. The Company was founded by two friends Robert Pancotti, a skilled accordion maker who left his family business in Italy to start the company and Ernest Deffner who distributed accordions in NewYork.
The production was shifted to Italy to the company Crucianelli, which produced both PAN and Crucianelli accordions. The PAN accordions are famous for their many efforts to bring back the glory such as advertisements, their famous colourful Tiger ComboCordion model to attract young accordionists.
Myrom Floren used to play it on the TV show Lawrence Welk for over forty years. It has also been played by some famous accordion musicians such as Billy Costa, Frankie Yankovovic and Tops Cardoni.
52. Italo American

This is an accordion brand started by Demo, Finau and Bramante Piatanesi. They started their accordion workshop in Chicago, USA. The company was among the first company known to produce American accordions that was based in the US.
The Company started its operations in the early 1900’s and was producing 25 accordions a week when it was at its prime. The accordions gained popularity for producing high quality accordions, and was loved for the lovely sound it produced.
Some of the brands they produced include Italo-American, Polytone, Polka-tone, Polka-king, Gloria and Concertmaster. Their models have been played by famous accordionists such as Pietro, Johnny Vadna and many others.

Invicta accordions

This accordion brand is believed to originate from Czechoslovakia. The company which made this brand of accordions operated from 1950 and stopped its production in the 1960s.
They made a few accordions but the accordions are of high quality. The accordions were exported to countries such as Italy, US and other countries in Europe. They were known for the sound, and the quality matched most of the accordions made in Italy.
There were few accordions manufactured at that time, some are still in good condition. One of the few vintage models includes the Invicta button with 12 bases and a leather strap.


Emenee brand was founded in 1909 in Italy by a master craftsman Emilioaffe who had been working for the Excelsior. He worked with his son Nello to design and create superior quality according using his experience and knowledge he had acquired.
The Emenee model is known for the accordion model Excelsior, which propelled the brand name. The model was known by many accordionists at the time because of its quality. They also produced different models and were affordable, which attracted students and beginner players.
The company was later on sold to the Hohner Company, but you can find some of the vintage Emenee accordion resold in stores and online shops.


Official website of Zupan:

Zupan accordions brand appeared in the accordion industry in as early as 1950. The company was founded at around that time by Rumen Zupan. He was a talented accordion artisan who also knew how to play the accordion and was a well known composer of accordion tunes.
Zupan accordions were sought out by all types of musicians from beginner level to advanced and even professional accordionists. Their accordions produced a high quality sound and durable as you can still find the accordions being resold in the industry.
The company is known to not only produce accordions, but also train and hold live performances.

Lo Duca Bros

The brand Lo Duca bros was started by Tom and his brother in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA in 1941. They started their business store to sell musical instruments and teach young people how to play accordions.
Since World War 2 was going on, they could not access accordions from Italy or Germany which were the biggest distributers then. They decided to start their accordion manufacturing factory. Tom Lo Duca, one of the brothers designed children’s accordions to teach them how to play.
After the war in 1947, Tom went to Italy in Castelfidardo and worked with factories to make accordions. The accordions made were of superior quality, light and were made to ensure children could efficiently learn how to play accordions.


It is an accordion brand produced by a factory located in Mondiano Italy. The company was owned by Antonio Galanti together with his sons Egidio, Robusto and Domenico.
He started making accordions in 1890, and completed his first accordion in 1917. In 1920, they commenced to mass production of accordions and started to export to other countries in the US. The accordions were bought by Italians that had migrated to other countries.
His accordions were made with traditional accordion manufacturing techniques used in Italy. The accordions were even featured in newspapers due to the quality that was described as unmatched in the accordion industry.

La Tosca

The accordion brand was developed by the Fred Gretsch manufacturing company that manufactured musical instruments. Fred Gretch was an immigrant in the US from Germany and started his company in New York.
The company produced different musical instruments such as banjos, guitars, tambourines and accordions. The company also produced the accordion brand Gretch. Their instruments are made with quality materials and used advanced technology.
The La Tosca accordions are still being resold in musical stores and online, their superior quality can be seen on how durable they are. The company was passed down to his son and grandsons over the years.


Stradella accordions started appearing in the accordion industry in 1988 when Beltrami Claudio started his tuning workshop. Beltrami had been working as a tuning expert in the Fratelli Crossio accordion factory.
He learnt about all the parts of accordions in this factory and how to assemble them to make an accordion. His workshop served as a tuning studio for many factories including the Fratelli crossio.
He established the workshop and started making his brand of accordions Stradella, in 1934. He carefully selected the reeds and steel that he would use to make the accordions. Stradella accordions are known for the unique sound and the quality of the instrument.


The company was founded by Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer in 1853. He was an immigrant from Germany, where he initially used to import musical instruments from, before venturing to making and selling them in his company.
After world war one, it became impossible to import instruments, which meant he had to start making his instruments. Some vintage Wurlitzer accordions were made after world war one and some after world war two. Their musical instruments became popular after world war two when the market for playing accordions and other instruments expanded.
The accordions were made using locally sourced materials and assembled in the Wurlitzer factories. The company made different accordion models that are still being played today.


The accordion brand Parrot was manufactured by a company known as Tianjin musical instrument factory which was founded in 1954. The company is located in Tianjin, china and mass produced accordions that were exported to countries in Asia, Europe and America.
The accordions produced in Tianjin were ranked among the best in Asia and led in quality to compete with accordions made in Italy. Some of the vintage models are red in colour and have a unique aesthetics as well as sound.
Parrot accordions were made with passion, and have earn global recognition due to the quality of the product ad sounds. Some of the vintage brands can be found displayed in the Museum in Tianjin city.


This is a brand of accordions produced by Stocco Company, which was founded in 1982. The brand has been in the industry for more than four decades and has some of the world’s leading accordion models.
It is located in Stradella, Italy and offers over ten accordion models, inspired by Maestro Losi and Walter Giannarelli. From its production, the quality of the materials and craftsmanship is among the best in the industry and competes with some of the biggest brands in Italy.
It is famous for its unique structural design which has details in decoration and comes with a variety of colours making it attractive to many accordion players.


The Bell accordion brand was manufactured by Aldo Mencaccini. He was born in Italy, but moved to America in the 1930s to look for work. He started manufacturing bell accordions in the 1930s when he was only 16 years old.
He founded the bell accordion brand in the US, after working for Excelsior as a tuner, where he got his experience as an accordion maker. Bell accordions were made from reeds and other materials collected within the USA.
Aldo tuned the accordions himself and taught his seventeen employees how to produce accordions using his skills and knowledge. Bell accordions were used by many bands and famous musicians in America and beyond.

Firotti accordions

Firotti accordion brand is a vintage brand manufactured in Germany by the famous Weltmeister factory. The factory was well known in the early to mid 1900 and was one of the factories that produced accordions in Germany.
Firotti accordions come in different colours depending on the model. Most of the Firotti accordions are vintage, as they were made in the early mid 1900s when accordions were at the peak of their popularity.
The accordions were made with carefully selected materials by experienced and talented artisans in Germany. Firotti brand is still the favourite for musicians and the quality can be seen especially for the vintage accordions.


The Busilachio accordion brand was manufactured by I.Busilachio in Castelfidardo, Italy. The brand produced a range of models that are available for reselling in various shops even today. Like most of the brands made in Italy, these accordions are also among the best quality.
The accordions were manufactured with a family of master artisans Giacomo and Luigi, who incorporated traditional accordion manufacturing techniques on the accordions. The accordions have a reputation for the quality that can be seen from the materials used to fine tuning and the sound.
Busilachio accordions were popular because of their quality and were even exported to Scotland.

Marinucci accordions

Marinucci accordions were manufactured by a factory in Racanati, Italy. It started its operations in 1922 and was owned by Erideo Marinucci, an accordion maker.
The factory produced a variety of accordion models such as the Marinnucci 120 Bass accordion and the Chromatic accordion. The accordions are of Industrial quality standards of that time. The age of accordions in Italy saw quality accordions including the Marinucci accordions.
In the 1950s, the Marinucci accordion factory was the leading exporter and producer of accordions. Their accordions were competitive in the market due to their beautiful sound.
The accordions produced at that time are still being played and in good condition due to the quality of materials and craftsmanship produced.

Bertone Locatelli

The brand name originated from the factory located in Vercelli, Italy. The factory was founded by Bertone Carlo and Eusebio Locatelli and produced accordions between 1921 and 1949. They produced piano accordions and made different models such as the Boutons 120 base.
The brand made unique accordions decorated with different Italian styles which were popular at that time. Like most other brands that were manufactured in the golden ages of accordions in Italy, the Bertone Locatelli brand was made with experienced artisans and you can see it in the details.
Their unique decorations are what made the brand known to their customers. This brand is quite rare to find today, but you can find the pictures of some beautiful vintage accordions online.


Official website of Sonola:
Sonola accordions were made in Castelfidardo, Italy by the well known Sonola Company. The company mass produced accordions from the early 1950s to 1970 until Guerrini purchased the company and took over its production. Guerini later closed and Maxim’s group continued with production of Sonola brand.
Sonola accordions that were manufactured in the early 1950s to 1960s were of superior quality. The materials used and its tuning made it competitive in the accordion market at the time. The brand can be compared to Hohner and Scandalli accordions.
Some of the well known models include the Sonola SS20 and the Sonola Rivoli 120 bass.


The Cancini accordion brand has its roots in Italy from the years 1960s to 1970s. The brand produced accordions of a high quality common to most accordions made in Italy in the 1900s. Cancini accordions came in different models and colours that suited different accordionists.
The accordions are light making it comfortable to carry and play. The structure was made with fine materials and assembled with care as can be seen in the quality of the sound and durability of the accordions.
Most of cancini accordions are vintage, but the instruments still produce smooth and melodious sound true to the fine tuning of the instruments.


This is an accordion brand produced by an accordion factory that started its operations in 1891 in Bohemia. The owner of the company was known as Johann Kostler, he started by distributing accordions to making them.
In the early 1900s, the company made accordions and exported them. The earlier accordions were made during the height of World War 1 and 2 until the 1970s when other companies started developing and poached their workers leading to their shift to producing plastics.
Rigoletto accordions are still being played by many accordionists and resold in the market and are still in good condition attesting to the quality of the brand.


The accordion brand was invented in 1935 in Michigan, United States. The founder of the brand, Vincent Castiglione started his company by importing accordions and teaching students how to play the accordion.
The company then started producing their accordions, which were used to teach accordionists making it popular in the US. The accordions made are of high quality, and produces its own unique sound. It is also easy to learn making it one of the few brands new accordionists can use.
The Castiglione factory is still operating, led by Vincent’s grandson and son. It produces accordions and also sells other brands such as Bugari, Beltuna and many others.


The brand name originated from Zwota in Germany and was founded in 1909 by Gustav Schlott. The company produced accordions and harmonicas and expanded in the 1930s to produce over 20,000 accordions a year.
The accordions produced at that time in Germany had to be one of the best qualities as they were competing with Italy for the international market. This means that the accordions were made with the best materials sourced in Germany and tuned by experienced artisans in the industry.
The brand was known for the quality of the accordions in Germany before the company merged with Klingenthal Company in the 1970s.


Official website of Baldoni:
It started its operations in the early 1900’s and was founded by a master accordion producer Emilio Baldoni in Italy. However his shop got bombed during world war 2 and he lost interest in making accordions.
His son Alfonso, had grown up with accordions and was a talented accordion tuner, moved to the US in the 1960s and started selling accordions. He worked with his uncle who lived and owned an accordion manufacturing factory in Italy to design and produce accordions which he sold in the US.
The Baldoni accordions are made with reeds and other materials in Castelfidardo. Baldoni’s son and grandson continue with the handed down tradition of accordion manufacturing and tuning. The accordions are custom made, are of a high quality and produce the finest sounds.

Colombo and sons accordions

These accordions were manufactured by Colombo Piatanesi and his sons Gary and Faust in 1927. He previously owned the Guerrini brand and had a background of experience in accordion making.
He moved to San-Fransisco and began importing accordions from Italy from the late 1930s while still making the Colombo and sons accordions. He seized manufacturing and started fully exporting accordions from Italy in 1954.
The accordions were made from the finest materials in Italy and were sold in the US and other countries. One of their well known models is the Grande vox which is still resold in many accordion stores. The company was passed down to his sons until it was finally sold in 1992.

Moreschi accordions

Official website of Moreschi :
Moreschi accordion brand was founded by Giuseppe Moreschi in 1910. He started by manufacturing the accordions at the basement of his home in Castelfidardo in Italy, before he expanded to a larger workshop in 1940.
The accordions were well known because of the quality and grew to become one of the largest producers of accordions in Italy at that time. The family company was passed down to his sons who continued with the tradition.
The Moreschi brand is well known among accordionists and is still played today. The accordions are made with a passion for accordions and love for the art of making accordions.

Pasquale Ficosecco

This is an Italian brand manufactured in Loreto Italy in 1889. Just like many of the accordions made in Italy in the early 1900s, this brand of accordions was entirely handmade, assembled and tuned with experienced artisans.
Ficosecco accordions were well known for their quality of the materials, reeds and wood used to make the different parts. They are rare to find these days and are well known for their unique decorations characterised with gems, colourful pieces and rhinestones.
The accordions are still being resold in shops and have a high price based on the condition of the accordion and the year of production.


This is an accordion brand founded by a popular accordionist and accordion maker Cesare Fontanella. It is a vintage brand that was produced in Castelfidardo, Italy in the early 1925 to 1958.
The accordions were made in Italy which means the quality needed to be high for it to compete with other brands produced at the golden age of accordions. The accordions are made with a passion which Cesare had for accordions and can be heard in the distinct sound.
The accordions are attractive based on the colourful golden structures, cases and leather straps. Fontanella accordions come in different models such as the Piano bass 120 Fontanella, 2/2 black vintage Fontanella and many others.


It is an accordion brand manufactured by an accordion factory, Dragspelstjanst in Sweden. Algot Bengtsson is the owner of the company which started its production in the early 1940s and produced a wide range of accordions models including the Allan Bengts.
Algot was a talented accordion maker that had worked Hagstrom repair shop before starting his own brand. The brand was popularly known due to the famous musician Allan Erikson, who played his custom made accordion by Algot and recorded music playing his Bengts accordion.
The accordions were made to ensure that the players get a wholesome experience while playing the accordions. This accordion brand was sold and is now made by Bugari factory.


It is a vintage brand made by Benito Cintioli, who migrated to the US from Italy in 1960. Before he migrated, he worked for his family in their accordion factory where he developed a love for accordions.
He established a shop in 1961, where he sold musical instruments but he still had love for making and playing accordions. The Cintioli accordions are known far and wide by many accordionists mainly due to the quality and detail of the instruments aesthetic.
Cintioli has a collection of accordions that many accordionists travel from far places to buy and look at the collection of instruments. He is known to be a master of accordions.
80. Bertini

This is a vintage Italian model founded by Sestilio bertini in Italy. He started producing accordions during the Golden age of the accordions in the early 1950s. He made a few accordions during the short period some of which are still functional.
S.bertini accordions were made in Italy, ensuring the quality of the materials and master craftsmanship. This is because there was a strict quality standard at the time, meaning that most of the accordions are of superior quality.
There are other Bertini brands that were made by Enrico bertini and Sonola under the Bertini brand.

Luigi Lucchini

This is an accordion brand started by Luigi Lucchini an accordion maker in Staradella, Italy. The accordion brand has been known for the high quality of the accordions made. The company has been in operation since 1939.
The accordions are made with reeds collected in Italy using traditional Italian methods of accordion manufacturing. The entire accordion is beautifully designed, produces a strong sound, and has quality leather straps.
The Luigi Lucchini accordions were still being made until 2003 when they seized operations. Some of the vintage accordions under this brand fetch a high price because of the quality.


This accordion brand was established when Soprani, Scandali and Frontalini merged to form a single factory that produced accordions. The factory started manufacturing musical instruments including accordions from 1946.
Their success was attributed to the quality and the affordable accordions they produced and sold. They were popularly known for producing an array of instruments such as organs, electric guitars, accordions and keyboards.
They made accordions by incorporating advanced methods while ensuring the quality of their accordions. Their accordions were loved for the unique technological and aesthetic aspect it carried. Some of the accordions produced in the 1960s are still being resold in instrument shops.

Maga Ercole

This is an accordion brand made in Stradella Italy, and is one of the oldest accordion brand. The factory, La Maga Ercole, was founded in 1985 by Fratelli maga and Pametta. The accordions produced have been sold in Italy, the US and many countries in Europe.
Mega Ercole is one of the vintage accordions handmade in Italy by the pioneers of the accordion manufacturing industry.
The accordions have a unique appearance, the wood and the reeds making the instruments, together with the talented work of the artisans ensure that the owners of the accordions get a surreal experience when playing the accordions.


This is an accordion brand manufactured by Amadeo Al Iorio, an accomplished accordion builder in the early 1900s. His workshop was based in New York as he was the son of an Italian immigrant to the US.
Iorio’s father, who was from Italy, was the one who set up the accordion manufacturing shop which was passed down to Iorio. Iorio accordions were made following Italy’s accordion making techniques but also with modern concepts.
The Iorio accordions were known for being among the first electric accordions. Their accordions were sought after by all level of accordionists from learners to professionals as they were easy to learn and produced great sound.

Imperial accordions

The Imperial accordion brand began in Chicago in the US by Italian immigrants to the US. They were Mike Malatesta, Tony Serbellini and Carl Gaspeti and started their accordion workshop in 1950 .
At first the brand was first named Excel, but they had to change it after they were sued by excelsior for trademark name. They changed it to imperial accordions which was accepted and sold many pieces in the US mainly because of its strong acoustics.
Imperial accordions were made with high quality materials by accordion manufacturers with experience from leading accordion manufacturing factories in Italy. Most of the Imperial accordions are in good conditions and fetch a high price.


It is also a vintage brand founded in the 1950s produced by Crown accordion factory based in Chicago, US. It was started by Tony Serbellini, one of the founders of the Imperial accordion brands who ventured out to start his own brand.
He also worked with Geramia and Oswaldo Guerini to design and produce the accordions under the Crown brand. They produced a variety of accordions from professional to simple accordion models to suit different accordions.
The accordions are of high quality and can be compared to higher level brands such as Sonola and Hohner. It is light in weight and produces a rich sound with deep harmonics.


This is a brand of diatonic accordion produced in Schwyz, Switzerland. These accordions have been made for over 100 years and the town Schwyz was among the first towns to produce accordions in the early 1830s.
This brand was developed by Alois Eichhorn in 1886 who was a master accordion maker. The traditional skills of making these accordions have been handed down to five generations and they still make the Eichhorn accordions in his workshop.
The accordions are made from fine wood and reeds, and are completely made by hand. The accordions were well known in Switzerland because of the quality and the distinct sound it produces that is especially designed to work with Swiss folklore cultures and music.

Universal accordions

Universal accordions are another brand of accordions manufactured in Castelfidardo, Italy. There are three different Universal accordion companies but the first one was based in Italy. There were also two based in the US.
The company produced high quality accordions loved by many accordionists in Italy. Universal accordions were mass produced and which made it easy for accordionists to find this brand.
Universal accordions are known not only for the quality, but also for the beautiful sound it produces. They have made many models such as the vintage Octave 120 button accordion, Universal 80 bass accordion and many more.

Paul Guidry Creole accordions

The brand was started by Paul Guidry who was an accordion builder born in 1919. He had been in the army and also worked as an Engineer before he started making accordions. He started manufacturing and distributing accordions in 1979 in Lafayete Unites states.
His Creole accordions are of Superior quality and were made to produce a unique quality of sound. They were bought by many accordionists and were loved because of the quality and beautiful aesthetics. He retired in 1985, and passed on in 2012.
There are recorded performances online with accordionists using the Creole accordions made by Paul Guidry.


The Marzella accordions were manufactured by Pompilio Marzella, an Italian immigrant to France. He moved to France in 1933 and started his accordion manufacturing business in 1951. Marzella accordions made within the short period he manufactured were very few, but his expertise in accordion making ensured that the accordions matched the highest quality.
He made the reeds and also inco-oporated many innovations such as the Double comb technology which ensured fine tuning, producing 4 voices within three tunes, thereby producing a distinct sound.
Marzella accordion factory also specialized in making custom accordions for well known musicians, thereby propelling the brand name as one of the few best known vintage accordion brands in France.

Giulietti accordions

Giulietti accordion brand was founded in NewYork by Luigi Giulietti, who was an Italian immigrant. He worked at Soprani in Castelfidardo for some years before immigrating to the United States in 1914.
He started the company in 1923 and used the experience he acquired from making accordions for Soprani to start his brand Giulietti. The accordions produced a fine sound and were well received by many musicians in America such that it was the leading accordion brand from 1920 to 1940.
Giuletti brand was sold to Bugari Armando together with Zero Sette, another brand that Luigi Giuletti’s son started when he took over the business after Luigi passed on.

Hess accordions

This is a brand of accordions produced By the Hess company that was located in Klingethal in the Vogtland region of Germany. The company was operational from 1872 when it started production and importing accordions in Germany.
The company produced high quality accordions and also made other musical instruments such as saxophones in the early 1930s. The accordions were displayed in the Trade Fair in 1880, Melbourne Australia and were the only company to do so from Vogtland.
After world war two as many other companies in the region, the company was state owned. The vintage accordion pieces are still in good condition and can be found in online stores selling musical instruments.

Cajun or Doucet accordions

Cajun or the Doucet brand was owned by Elton Doucet who made accordions that suited the Cajun culture. He was a well known musician, particularly as an accordion player and accordion manufacturer with experience of over 30 years.
He started making accordion in the early 1960s after World War 2. This was a time when the Cajun people had started embracing the accordion and made it part of their musical culture, this is why they are known as Cajun accordions.
His workshop is located in Church point, Los Angelos in the USA, and he is well known to produce high quality Cajun accordions.

Acadian brand

The Acadian brand is also a vintage brand, created by Mark savoy. He developed his love for accordion after seeing an accordion from Luisiana when he was still a teenager. By age 20, he was already an accordion builder and player and was constructing and selling his own brand of accordions.
Acadian brand is known to produce fine sounds from the handmade diatonic accordions since 1960s. They are also classified among the leading brands of Cajun accordions made in Luisiana. The accordions are made with the Cajun culture in mind which can be clearly heard on the sound and beautiful appearance of the Acadian accordion.

Gustozzi Bompezzo

Official website of Giustozi:
This is an accordion brand started by two brothers in 1947, Luigi and Egisto. They named the company after their family name Giustozzi and Luigis’wife, Bompezzo which gave rise to Gustozzi e Bompezo.
The company is located in CastelFidardo, Italy and is one of the family brands that produces top quality accordions sold all over the world. The Bompezzo accordions are made with materials sourced from Italy and handmade in their factories with skilled artisans.
The brand also created guitars and other musical instruments, known for their beautifully handcrafted, colourful structures. The company has been passed down to the son and now is owned by Luigi’s grandson Giampietro.

L’Artigiana accordions

Official website of :
The L’Artegiana accordion brand are accordions manufactured in Castelfidardo by the company owned by Agostinelli Nazzareno. The company started its operations in 1946 and produced a variety of accordion models.
One of the most widely known features is the base accordion that carried six saxophone flaps. Their models are of a high quality and most are equipped with 15 registers to ensure maximum efficiency for both new and experienced accordionists.
The quality of the accordions has enabled them to maintain excellent conditions fifty years after their launch. The company that produced these accordions seized its operations in 1977, but you can still buy the accordions on musical instruments shops.

Luigi Baldoni

Luigi Baldoni is an accordion player and manufacturer who was based in Italy. He was among the paiobneers of the accordion business and started producing accordions in 1912. The Baldoni factory was located in Castelfidardo, Italy which hosted most of the accordion manufacturing factories at the time.
Luigi Baldoni was experienced in accordion making as can be told by the high quality standard of accordions he made which can be seen on the materials and structure that makes most of his accordions. The factory closed in 1941 but the few vintage accordions made are resold in online shops and are in good condition.

Paolo Rogledi

It was started by Paolo Rogledi in Stradella, Italy. He had worked for Dellape for a while before starting his own accordion manufacturing factory in 1907. His knowledge and experience allowed him to build a successful business starting form the quality accordions he produced.
His accordions were known by many accordionists and musicians. The accordions were so loved that they were exhibited in Paris, Rome and London as among the best. Unfortunately, he experienced some setbacks which led to his bankruptcy in 1932.
He restarted the company again with the help of another partner, and later in 1952, he left it to Giovanni and Renzo, before it permanently closed down in 1972. The vintage accordions are however still resold at high prices due to the quality of the reeds and rich sound it produces.

Anelli accordions

This brand of accordions was founded in Cremona, Italy in 1938. The founder of this brand was Anelli Gualtiero, and the accordions were made to ensure comfort as they were short and light in nature.
The Anelli accordions also had some specific features designed to it such as the curved keyboards, which allowed the player to curl their fingers making it more efficient for playing even long pieces.
It was also made lighter by placing the reed banks parallel to the pans. It ensured more control of the bellows when playing. The company is thought to have closed down in 1952.


This brand is said to have been founded by Giovanni chiusaroli. It was located in Racanati, Italy and started manufacturing accordions from 1886. Like most of the accordions created within that period, Chuisaroli accordions were made with attention to detail as it can be seen from the outside structure, the bellows and the reeds.
The reed plates were made from brass or Zink with the exception of the more expensive accordions, made with aluminium. Chiusaroli accordions were also custom made and designed to suit the musician’s preferences.
They were quite popular as famous accordionists at the time used their accordions, such as Giovanni Gagliardi who toured Europe playing a chiusaroli button accordion. They stopped production of accordions in 1954.

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