How to pick the Best Accordion Accessories and Parts

The accordion is a great instrument that produces pleasant music when the buttons or keys are pressed together with the bellows. But just like any other type of musical equipment, if you want to get the best sound out of your unit, you need to know how to pick the best accordion accessories and parts.

Unlike some musical instruments, the accordion packs a lot of buttons on it, and they all perform a function together with the bellows – this function is to produce good music.

Two types of accordions exist. These are:

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Piano accordion:

The piano accordion is the most used of the two accordions. Its features include a piano on the right side, bass buttons on the left side, and bellows in the center. Piano accordions also have different types, including the stradella, free bass, and convertor. The piano accordion different number of bass buttons lined on the left side.

Button accordion:

On the other hand, the button accordion features buttons on each side of the accordion, bass buttons on the left, treble buttons on the right, and bellows in the center. The button accordion has two types, these are – chromatic accordion and diatonic accordion. There is no much difference between these two. The chromatic features 5 keys on the right just like the diatonic. The difference that stands between the two is that the chromatic button accordion has keys that play different notes.

The accordionist wears the accordion with the help of accordion straps. These accordion straps make it easy for the instrument to be played by the accordionist. Accordion straps also make it easy to carry the instrument around while playing. They are lined along the shoulders on the accordionists.

If there is one thing you must know about the accordion, it should be that the instrument regards the full involvement of the accordionist’s hands. The straps serve as a handle and are put around the shoulders of the player during a performance. Without straps on the accordion, we can say that it will be difficult to know how to handle it while playing, mainly because the instrument is big and has weight. Straps are available not only on accordions but also for guitars, violins, saxophones, and others.

Accordion parts that require accessories

Accordions are made up of different parts to make the instrument function and produce sound. Parts of this musical apparatus need accessories that will enhance their function and make them last longer. Below, we will mention these parts.

  • Bellows
  • Bass button
  • Accordions as a whole

What are accordion accessories?

Musical instruments usually features accessories. Accessories are used to do different kinds of things on a particular instrument, gadget, or anything. As part of the functions of accessories, they are used to clean, improve performance, replace and allow easy access to an instrument. Accessories are very important for musical instruments so no matter the price, you may want to consider them.

Accordion accessories are tools that help improve the accordion’s performance, flexibility, and neatness. Among all the accessories, the most talked about is the accordion strap for shoulders

What is the accordion strap for shoulders?

As mentioned above, the strap is a very important part of the accordion. The straps are designed to give you a better position to play your instrument. We mentioned that an accordion is played with both arms, so the straps are there as a support for carrying the accordion while you play. They are lined along the shoulders of the player.

The straps can be removed and buckled back to the accordion because of the available buckles. The buckles are made of fine steel to ensure security and hold the instrument firm.

An accordion strap is worn around your shoulders to carry the instrument. They are either made of tough and fine leather or fabric. The leather straps have soft pads that make it comfortable to wear the accordion around your shoulders. It is also made with polymer materials.

The length of accordion straps can be adjusted to fit and provide comfort while playing the instrument. Be sure that the strap you are getting is thick enough to carry the kind of accordion that you have. Remember accordions have a different number of bass buttons lined up on the left side, so yes, you want to check the details of the strap before you purchase.

Straps are in stock on online platforms like Amazon. The have different prices depending on the material it is made of, once you have decided on the type you want to get, you can add it to cart. Local stores can also have them in stock at a good price.

How to fix Straps

Follows a simple procedure. The strap features buckles that link to accordions. Without the buckles, you cannot attach the straps to the instrument. The buckle is made with fine, strong steel. Even a child can put on the shoulder straps.

Summary of straps

  • They are used to hold the accordion around your shoulders.
  • Straps are necessary to help you play the instrument, especially when both hands are involved.
  • The length is adjustable for comfort.

Other Accessories Used on the Accordion

Aside from Accordion straps, there are other accessories that accordions need. These accessories can be found in a musical instrument market. Below, we will have a quick view of these accessories and where they are in stock.

Accordion bag

The accordion bag is also known as the gig bag or traveler bag. Bags are useful accessories that are made to protect your accordion. If you like to move around with your accordion, having the gig bag is advantageous for you. You can easily bag it on your back and go for a performance anywhere. You can find the them at different prices depending on the brand and material.

A gig bag not only aids you in carrying your accordion with ease from one place to another. The bag also protects your accordion from dust and moisture if it is left just to be naked, especially when kept on the bare ground. Protecting your accordion from elements is very important as dust, and humid room temperature can damage your accordion, especially the straps, the bass buttons, and the bellows.

When you get the accordion bag, it is also necessary to take good care of it. The bag is designed with strong fabric materials that make it strong enough to hold any size of the accordion. It is also designed with leather, which is good, making the bag last a long time. The soft pads inside the bag keep the accordion safely in it.

You can adjust the handle or length of the bag to make it firm. When buying the product, be sure to check the size of the bag. There are different storage sizes of the accordion bag. The accordion bag has pockets by the side where you can fit small items.

You can purchase the kind of bag you want on Amazon as they are in stock. Most people go for the Roland bag because they have very good quality, and sizes. After all, the aim is to get an accessory that lasts long.

They come in different colors, including blue, chrome, etc.

summary of the bag

  • The bag help with mobility. They make movement easy from one place to another without exposing your accordion. So if you belong to a band that travels from country to country, this is a good purchase.
  • The bag protects your accordion from elements such as dust and any scratch sign.

Accordion case

For a quick view, the accordion case is similar to the gig bag, only that this one’s handle is not like a strap but like the small handles of a basket. The storage space of this case varies depending on the kind of accordion you are using, whether a button accordion or a piano accordion. You should also consider the number of bass buttons when considering the storage size of this accessory.

The accordion case is designed with leather but is much thicker than the bag. It is made to protect your instrument. If you are interested in convenience while you move around with the accordion, this is a fine accessory to purchase. Roland cases are nice and can be seen in stock on online stores like Amazon at a good price. Though according to the size, the prices may vary you should go ahead and add it to your cart.

They come in different colors, blue, red, wine, and so on.

Summary of the accordion case

  • It is used to prevent your accordion from coming in contact with dirt and any scratch sign
  • It does not have a straps but handles that make carrying comfortable.
  • You can carry your accordion with it easily. For this also, if you belong to a band that travels from country to country, case is good.

Back pads for accordions

Back pads are beautiful pads that are used to protect your accordion and provide you with enough convenience while you play. Back pads are accessories placed at the back of your accordion, just behind the bellows, after you must have worn the straps.

Before you purchase the back pad, make sure that you know the size of your accordion and the kind of accordion it is. A button accordion is different in size from a piano accordion. While playing music with the accordion, the back pad can give a sense of unique fashion.

It is designed with soft fabric material with a pad inside it. This cushions the instrument when it comes in contact with you. The price may vary depending on the size and quality. Online stores have this accessory in stock. Once you have decided on the one you want to get, you should add it to your cart. Roland brand is also nice. You should go on ahead to the pad sales page to purchase.

Summary of the back pad

  • Made with soft fabric
  • Makes it comfortable if the accordion comes in contact with the body
  • To use it, you need to know your accordion’s size before purchasing one and adding it to your cart.

Accordion stand

Accordion stands are important accessories you should purchase if you do not have one yet. The accordion straps are indeed necessary, and they help players move around while playing the instrument. Accordion straps also help the accordionist position the instrument properly while playing.

Straps are put around the shoulders while you play music with the instrument. But then, over time, especially when you are standing up to play the instrument, it can begin to get stressful. Especially if the accordion size is big, the weight can become stressful on the person’s back.

Accordion stands are steel accessories that are used in carrying accordion weight. The accordion will need to be fit into the holder for it to stay. This means that the stand holds in place the accordion. This accessory makes playing the accordion very much convenient for the player. With the instrument’s weight taken away from the player, music can then be performed comfortably.

Most accordion stands are designed to have their height adjusted. Stands that can be adjusted are the best because you can fix them to the height that makes playing from the stand comfortable for you.

Aside from the height, you must also place the base dimension of the accordion stand you want to purchase. If you want to get a stand, make sure that the base dimension is designed to move horizontally and vertically. This way, the size of the accordion does not matter because any size can fit into the stand.

The stand is also used to prevent your accordion from dirt if it were kept on the floor. The instrument will be more preserved on the stand and easy to reach.

There are different brands of the stand in stock that you can add to your cart. Before getting it from an online store, be sure that it delivers to your country, that they are in stock, and the price is affordable. Prices of the stand also varies, depending on if it is adjustable and other features.

Summary of the accordion stand

  • It is designed to hold your accordion in a good position.
  • It makes it easy for you to play with your instrument.
  • Stands designed with an adjustable base dimension are the best because they fit any size of your instrument.
  • They provide easy movement of the hand on accordions while accordionists play music.


Trollies are great accessories you want to get for accordions. They are just like bags, but with tires. They come in different sizes to fit different accordions. They have a plastic-made handle with an adjustable height so you can drag it. If you are tired of backing your accordion and prefer rolling them, trollies are the right accessories for you. It means this is more convenient.

The trolly protects accordions from elements like the bag and case. Aside from carrying, it is a good accessory for protecting accordions from dust. It looks like a market cart because of its tires.

Roland has good tollies. Online stores have them in stock at different prices, depending on the size you want to purchase.

Summary of trollies

  • Serves as a good means of storage for accordions
  • Lightens the weight of carrying the accordion during mobility. So if you belong to a band, traveling from country to country, you should get this accessory.
  • Before you purchase, make sure that your accordion can fit into it. The accordion parts enter the trolly bag, whether a button or piano accordion.

Hip Belt or Straps

The length of the hip belt or as they are called, hip strap is adjustable by the accordionist. Aside from the accordion straps for the shoulders, the hip straps are a good choice when looking for what will make carrying the accordion convenient. The accordion will not have much weight on your shoulders with the hip strap. You can move around the stage while you play music. The hip belt is applicable to the accordion straps.

You can adjust the strap length if it feels too loose around your waist. Belt straps are made of thick leather, making them very strong. It will comfortably hold your accordion in place while you play music.

You can get them from local or online stores that have them in stock at different prices, depending on the brand. Roland has good enough hip belts.

Summary of hip belts or straps

  • Accordions need hip straps to keep them in place while you play music and move.
  • The belt or straps are made of strong leather material.
  • It is buckled to the accordion straps.
  • They account for easy carriage.

Back Straps

The back straps are attached to the accordion straps. These accessories are used to keep the accordion in position while you play. Accordions are big and have a considerable weight. All these straps are placed to make carrying the accordion over your shoulders not too heavy while you play music with the instrument.

They can be found in stock on online stores. Roland has strong back straps.

Summary of back straps

  • These accessories are necessary for accordions because they distribute the weight evenly while carrying it.

Bellow straps

Bellow straps have a short length. They are really useful and are a good purchase. Bellow straps are accessories for the bellow part of your accordions. If you do not own a bag, you can purchase bellow straps for your accordion bellows. While traveling and you want to keep your bellows safely, you can use the straps to lock the bellows. This way, they don’t move.

Especially while traveling on a rough road, you will want to use these straps because they keep your bellows shut through your journey. If you have a bag you keep the accordion in, it doesn’t mean that you should not get this accessory because while the accordion is in your bag, it might come in contact with your bag and rupture the bellow. To prevent that from happening, you can purchase the bellows straps. Bellow straps are in stock on Amazon.

How to fix a bellow strap

It does not take any hard process. Bellow straps feature some screws which are used to join them to the body of accordions and ensure that they are properly fit to one side of these instruments, and on the other end, it features a fastener that locks or keys. This is how the bellows are covered and prevented from moving involuntarily while in motion.

The process of fixing this accessory content is also a DIY process.

Summary of the bellows straps

  • They prevent damage to your accordion bellows.
  • Bellow straps are easy to install.

Thumb Straps

Thumb straps are short in length. They are very used mainly in the button accordion. For accordionists who use the button accordion and the shoulder straps are missing, thumb straps are used to lighten the weight. It is used as a handle on the button accordion’s treble side, especially when the shoulder accordion straps are missing.

They can be found in stock on online stores.

Summary of thumb straps

  • They are used to support the weight of the button accordion safely while the accordionist plays music.
  • They are short in length.
  • It is only a perfect fit for button accordions.

Reed wax

Reed wax is a special kind of wax made for the metal reeds of accordions. You must wax the reeds to allow them to keep functioning properly for your accordion. After playing, your reed may become loose, which is bad for accordions. They can produce the right tone for your music.

This can be used in tuning accordions. The wax is one of the frequently changed accessories because of the tuning function. Depending on the kind of wax you get and the quality, it is one of the best accessories for your accordion.

The reeds need to be waxed regularly because they make accordions produce the right sounds. The person applying it aims to ensure the reeds stay clean and tight.

At times, the reed can be made with homemade materials like bees’ honey.

Summary of reed wax

  • It applies to reed plates. This is done to make it make a good sound.

How to apply the reed wax

What you want to do is to pull out the reed from the block. The block holds the reed plate. To due so, you must unscrew the reed from the block. After doing so, you will then use the wax to rub against the reeds one after the other. Once you are through with waxing them, you can screw them back and test out the sound of your accordion.

Maintenance kit for Accordions

You must have this kit for your accordion. This kit pack has a soft brush, a little cleaning cloth, and a liquid solution. You will use all of these when you want to clean the instrument.

It is important to ensure your accordion parts are clean, the bellows, the buttons and key, and the overall body of the accordion. This ensures that the instrument is in proper condition and prevents quick damage over time.

Summary of maintenance kit

  • It is used to keep accordions clean and in good condition.

Bass Buttons

If you have one of the bass buttons missing, you can replace it with a new one. These accessories are important because you need to reach your keys easily during a live performance, or maybe you’re just practicing.

Bass straps

In case the shoulder accordion straps are weak, bass straps are a good accessory to purchase for accordions. They are made to fit your bass. They help you have the instrument in a good position while you perform.

How to fix Bass Straps

The process of fixing is easy. The manufacturer has put a DIY manual inside the package, which you can follow to set it up. The accessory features some nuts and bolts, so these tiny screws will be used in linking the strap to the instrument.

The first process is to place the strap on the instrument, then screw it properly. The screws are so that it can hold the strap properly to the body of accordions. It also makes sure that when you put have a firm grip on accordions, it does not put off or tear.

Bellows corner for Accordions

These are accordion accessories that help protect your bellows from bending and rupture. They are used to keep the below corners safely when you keep them in a bag. They come in different follows and are made with light steel materials.

Summary of bellows corner

  • Important so safeguarding bellow corners.

Sheet music stand

This is more like a general musical accessory. If you are learning music notes while playing with the accordion, you are going to need one of these. It holds your sheet music while you play.

Accordion note holder

These accordion accessories are so marvelous because of how small they are and how incredibly useful they are. They are attached to the accordion straps. These accordion accessories are to hold a music sheet when you play. It is also good to replace the treble button occasionally if you have the chance to do so.

Treble button

This accessory is used for button accordions. They are extra buttons meant to replace a treble button that seems not to function properly anymore. Treble buttons can be found for sale in music stores around you, or you can go online to get this apparatus.

Electronic accordion accessories

Some accessories are electronic, which are useful. These kinds of accessories need electricity to enhance the function of accordions. They come in various sizes but are surely recommendable for you.

Mic accordion accessories

As a band player, you will want to make your audience get the clear and exact sounds coming out of your accordion. Accordions need microphones to enhance their sound. Having one of these accordion accessories is good.

Wireless transmitters and receivers

These are small accordion accessories that function by enhancing the sound of an accordion. The aim is to let the sound from the instrument enter the receiver and then go through the transmitter. These accessories are used when performing in a place with a few people, but you want the sound from the accordion to be crystal clear.

This equipment works with just the electronic accordions.

How to choose accordion accessories

Overall Quality

You must check the quality of any accordion accessories you want, whether they are accordion straps, bags, cases, etc. The quality of the accessory matters a lot. That way, you will know that the product will be durable. Many people often choose an accessory without checking its quality first.


The price of the accessory you want to get is also necessary. You want to make sure that it’s something you can afford. Although the price determines the quality many times, the aim is to get something that is affordable.


If you want to get a particular accessory, it is alright to weigh how much you need it. Although almost all accordion accessories are important, some can be helpful, like accordion straps, bags, and cases. These help you to move your accordions safely around. You should also weigh the need based on protection, meaning you need storage space.


The durability of the accessory links to how long the accessory will last. Accessories such as accordion straps need to be durable.


Before purchasing an accessory from a shop, make sure it is compatible with your instrument. As you know, there are different types of accordions and different sizes. Whether they are accordion straps you are getting, you need to ensure they are the right ones for your instrument. For example, there are different types of accordion straps for the different accordions. The aim should be to purchase something that fits with your instrument.


By features, when choosing an accessory, you have to look at what it does. For example, accordion stands and accordion straps have good features. For the accordion straps, you can adjust their length to fit properly, and for the stand, you can adjust the height to be accessible to both children and adults. The aim is to ensure your convenience.

Accordion accessories FAQs

Are accordion accessories worth the price?

Yes, they are really necessary for protection. Mobility, replacement, and so on. Take this as an example, your accordion straps become weak, and you don’t have an extra one. How do you go about that? Or you leave your instrument exposed to elements that are bad for it. The accordion can get spoilt faster if you don’t have a bag or case. If you want to avoid scratch sign on the apparatus accessory is good.

How do I pick accordion straps that are right for me?

When getting the right accordion straps, there are various things to consider, particularly because some straps only fit for specific accordions. So what you want to put in mind when choosing accordion straps is the size, the material, and the quality, and you can even go ahead to ask the store owner if the strap is perfect for your instrument.

Can I buy and use pre-owned accordion accessories?

It is not advisable you use pre-owned accessories, especially because you do not know how long the previous owner used them. Making use of pre-owned accessories might not last for as long as brand new ones will last. Even though the price is cheaper, the aim should be to use something that will last a long time. Imagine getting pre-owned accordion straps, and using them, it might cut faster than new straps.

Which case is better to get?

Accordions have cases that are used to protect them. They are made in different sizes and colors. The cases are also made of two kinds of materials, the fabric material, which is okay because they are strong and can hold the instrument properly. The fabric cases have soft insides keeping accordions safe. The other is the hard shell case, this one’s exterior is made of hard plastic, while the interior has soft padding around it. If you want to get the right case for you, you should go for those with the hard shell exterior, the reason is that they offer much space and there is no kind of squeezing inside on the case, unlike the fabric case. Asides from that, the hard shell case offers a soft internal body. The hard shell case has better features than the fabric.

Which do I purchase, a bag or a stand?

They are both very important accessories. The bag is used to protect your accordion from elements and it also helps you in mobility. Getting a bag is mostly important because of protection from dust and any other element.

Getting a stand has its own importance too because there’s no way it is better to leave your instrument on the bare ground. If you want to make the accordion easy for you while playing, you need the stand. Though straps are awesome, sometimes, using straps for too long can affect the accordionist’s back because of the weight the instrument packs normally (especially if it is big). If you have a kid playing the accordion, you should get that adjustable height stands for them.

What is the sign that I need to apply reed wax?

A sign that you need to wax your reeds will be that your instrument will start making terrible noise when your move the bellows. Usually, it is best not to wait for a sign that you need to apply the wax. You should go ahead and apply as regular as you can be the sound gives you a sign.

Where do I get accordion accessories?

If you are wondering where to get accordion accessories, you can get them from online stores, or directly from the manufacturer’s websites. Local stores should also have them up for sale at an okay price. They are many web links like Amazon you can get them.

What is the best size of the back pad to pick?

It can be quite difficult when you want to pick the right back pad because this accessory comes in different sizes. It can go from 14 inches to 16 inches wide and if you do not pick the right size for you, it can become really uncomfortable for you while carrying the instrument. Big sizes back pads should not be used by people with smaller bodies. You can get anything from 14- 14. 6 inches. Generally, the best size depends on your body size.


On an ending note, accessories are very important for your accordion. Most people get their accordions damaged because they do not offer enough protection that it needs. Aside from offering protection, because not all accessories give protection, they also enhance the performance of your accordion. Take, for example, the transmitter and receiver, they make your accordion have a better and louder sound projection, these are features you cannot say no to. When you want to consider comfort, there are accessories that provide the users with such.

Once again, before getting any accessory for your instrument, make sure that it is the right time or that it is a perfect fit for your accordion. There are different types of accordions out there, with the piano and button one being talked about the most. You will notice that the straps for button accordions are different from that of the piano. Aside from the type of accordion, you should also consider the size of it. For example, getting a bag, for sure it is necessary for you to know your accordion’s size. There are different sizes of the instrument, so in order to avoid purchasing the wrong bag width, you should know the size of your equipment. Big accordions will surely not enter or struggle to enter a small bag.

As an accordionist, it is only right that you love and treat your instrument with so much respect. You can get accessories for yourself or loved ones so that you have to protect, enhance, or give comfort to them. Lastly, you should make sure that the accessory is of good quality and durable.


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