Titano Accordions Guide & its Best Features

History of the Titano Accordion The renowned Titano Accordion brand originates in Castelfidardo, Italy, the birthplace location of the device. Famous artisans have created the exquisite Titano musical instrument over the years, fusing innovative technology with time-tested methods passed down from generation to generation. It is often counted as one of the best accordion brands. … Read more

The most iconic Antique Italian accordions

There is a diverse assortment of accordion manufacturers available nowadays. Several countries in Europe, including Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, France, Finland, Belgium, and even Japan, are home to well-known accordion brands. However, Italy is home to some of the finest antique accordions from Italy. Indeed, many squeezebox fans are avid collectors of … Read more

The Hohner Panther Series Review

Hohner Panther Series Review

An Overview of the Hohner Panther Diatonic accordion Hohner remains at the forefront in making musical instruments, with melodicas and recorder flutes bearing the brand Hohner. It has been actively selling for more than 150 years because of its dependability and customer reviews.  Indeed, Hohner has consistently been one of the best accordion brands worldwide … Read more

Beltuna accordion brand guide

beltuna accordion company

The history of Beltuna accordions transcends this current time. Exactly 40 years ago, in 1982, the foundation for what will become a key player in the accordion industry today began in Castelfidardo, a municipality in the Ancona Province of Marche region in Italy.  Castelfidardo is an Italian municipality that quite interestingly has a musical heritage … Read more