What set the Settimio soprani accordion brand apart?

The mid-1990s was the start of the golden years of the accordion. Their music naturally captivated all sorts of audiences. This was the time of the settimio soprani accordion.

Rock ‘n’ Roll dethroned this bellow-driven instrument. But, they are still widely used in 2021.

Are old accordions worth anything?

Yes. Posts in 2021 suggest that old instruments can cost a fortune. It depends on their condition, brand, design, and model.

If you check online sites, you will see old instruments in good condition valued in the thousands.

Old instruments are displayed in closed glass cases in museums. They are like art.

Settimio Soprani accordion

Settimio Soprani is one of the older Italian brands that exist. The company closed its doors for many years but has recently opened. They began manufacturing new products to this day (2021). But older instruments are available.

The site of the Settinio Soprani company is in Castelfidardo, Italy.


In 1863, Paolo Soprani started the Soprani company with his brothers. He built the first manufacturing site in their farmhouse in Castelfidardo. Unfortunately, their collaboration was short-lived. Each brother started his own company.

During the war, the other brother closed their doors to accordion making. They pursued other ventures.

In the case of Settimio, he expanded his business. With his son Marion, they made their brand the most successful.

Are accordions Italian?

There are many great Italian brands. But this instrument is not original to Italy.

The first instrument was made and patented in Berlin. Handaoline it was called.

Settimio Soprani Accordion Models

Here is some information about the best models produced by Settimio Soprani accordion that are still available this 2021.

Settimio Soprani Artist VI Professional Cassotto Accordions

The Artist was the most popular model produced by the brand in the 60s.

This model features a double-tone chamber, concert tuning, and eleven treble switches.

It uses voci a mano reeds (hand made) which results in a rich powerful tone. The design is classical and comes in black. It is a work of art.

There are new Artist VI models produced today. It copies the original design but has slight differences.

Settimio Soprani 120 Bass Accordions

It is a standard professional double cassotto instrument. It is a vintage model that has a mellow tone.

It’s great for jazz and classical music because of its 4 voice double octave tuning.

It has 120 bass buttons and treble keys (size 41).


Since they started, Septimio Soprani has become one of the world’s best accordion brands. Years of manufacturing has solidified their reputation of being one of the top brands of accordions.

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