Guide to taking accordion classes offline and online

Even though it is not a very popular instrument, the accordion is undeniably highly intriguing and distinctive. It is most often associated with the performance of traditional Irish music, yet, it is also capable of spanning a diverse spectrum of musical styles. If you thinking of taking accordion classes, whether offline and online, you need to have a plan-or else you might get easily frustrated.


Learning to play this instrument requires a lot of practice and patience. Some musicians prefer online lessons, while others opt to learn from a local teacher. While both of these options are good, you have to decide which route you want to take.

This article will examine the differences and similarities between offline and online accordion lessons. Choose the approach to learning that works best for you so that you may sign up for your first lesson and get started on your adventure into the world of music.


Factors to consider before enrolling for lessons

Your level of skill


Before you learn how to play the accordion, you must first determine your skill level and the amount of knowledge you have when it comes to musical instruments. Suppose you want to enroll in piano accordion lessons and have experience playing the piano. In that case, you can say that you have a bit of knowledge about this instrument. Being able to read music also plays a huge role when it comes to your skill level.


Suppose you’ve never touched an accordion or don’t even know how to play the piano, the flute, or many instruments. In that case, you have to look for beginner lessons. There are a lot of instructional videos on YouTube. You can also look for guides and articles that focus on learning how to play the accordion.


Your schedule


How much time can you commit to attending lessons every week? Some instructors teach every day. Others follow a schedule. So before settling down with an instructor, make sure you can commit to the schedule set.


Suppose you would rather not take accordion lessons online but do not want to travel more than half an hour to attend the music school. In that case, you should look for accordion lessons near you.

Choosing a music school near you can save a lot of time and even gas money if you’re driving. But this isn’t the case for some people. In some places, it’s hard to find music schools or teachers. This is especially true if you don’t live in the city. This is where online courses come in handy.


The size of the class


Determine if you learn the accordion more effectively in a group setting or from a private accordion teacher. There are instances when accordion teachers feel it is more efficient to instruct a big class of pupils all at once. However, professional accordion instructors offer private accordion lessons so students can learn the instrument at their own pace.


If you think you’re better suited for big classes, then enrolling in a group shouldn’t be a problem. But this comes with downsides as well. This is going to be discussed in a different section below. Suppose you want to connect properly with your instructor and you want to learn accordion fast. In that case, we suggest you go for private lessons.

The teacher and their lessons


You should do some research on the instructors you’re considering taking accordion lessons from if you really want to become an expert at playing the instrument. Inquire whether or not they provide a free trial lesson so that you can get a feel for their teaching medium.

You could also inquire about receiving a demonstration from them. While the instructor is performing, you should pay attention to their technique or just listen to how well they can perform. This will give you a better understanding of the teacher’s level of skill. It will also show you if their teaching style suits you and if they will be able to speed up the learning process.

Before you sign up for accordion lessons online, reading a couple of reviews first is beneficial, especially if the accordion tutor does not provide a free trial session. You could also discover extensive critiques on professors’ methods to engage their pupils so that the students might make rapid advancements.

The accordion genre you want to play


The accordion is a versatile instrument that may be used to perform various music genres. Decide on whether you want to take lessons in how to play a traditional Celtic Irish reel or Irish music or if you want to take space music lessons.

When searching for accordion teachers, it might be helpful to narrow your search to a particular musical genre first. While some instructors are well-versed in Irish music, others are more familiar with performing music from various styles.

Your budget


If you want to take private lessons, whether they are conducted online or in person, you need to prepare to shell out a bit more money. It is rare to find accordion tutors that go from student to student and instruct them for free.


However, if money is limited, you may want to consider signing up for group lessons designed for a huge class instead. You may do this either online or offline, and the prices are far lower than those of private tutors. However, there are downsides associated with this.


In a huge group, you can’t expect to be taught by the teacher throughout the whole lesson. It might also be difficult to hear yourself over the noise of every single student playing simultaneously.


Suppose you are interested in learning how to play the accordion for free. In that case, many video lessons are available on YouTube, as well as written manuals that artists have published from around the world. Other instructors provide a free online lesson, but it might be difficult to find them.

Is it hard to learn how to play the accordion?


The accordion can be a bit tricky to learn, especially if you have no experience with any other musical instrument. It’s not as simple as pressing keys or moving your arms. Whether you are learning to play the piano accordion or any other type of accordion, you must be patient and extremely diligent.

Enrolling in music lessons will help you understand music theory and other basic information. You need all this before learning how to play a specific musical instrument. But suppose you already have the basics down. In that case, you can learn how to play the accordion by watching video lessons or reading guides online.


But not all students are the same. This is why you need to determine which suits you better: Online or offline lessons.

Learn to play an Accordion Offline


The first step to learning how to play the accordion offline is to look for good offline music tutors. You can search online for accordion lessons near you or accordion instructors from your local learning center. It’s also a good idea to check schools for performing arts to see if they teach students how to play the accordion. You can also do this by asking student counselors at the university.

A good place to check is at Liberty Bellows. It is an accordion shop that is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They sell piano accordions, diatonic button accordions, and different accessories and gears for your instrument. They also teach music lessons to different skill levels. Here, you will surely find an accordion master to teach you everything you need to know about the instrument, one lesson at a time.

There are also a handful of private tutors or teachers that you could hire to come to your place to give you lessons. Enrolling in private accordion lessons is pretty popular with those who prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes. Still, these private tutors or instructors usually charge more per lesson.


Learn to play an accordion online


Taking accordion lessons online is preferred by a lot of students nowadays. This is because it’s highly convenient and usually costs less than offline lessons. Sometimes, they could even learn accordion online for free by watching video lessons on YouTube or other free websites. Additionally, some lessons are designed for students who plan on teaching themselves.


However, choosing to learn accordion online on your own can be difficult. This is especially true if you have no background in the musical industry. There are so many styles and a ton of knowledge to learn. Not to mention learning how to read music or sheet music. This topic should be reserved for an entirely different lesson.


But this doesn’t mean the student can’t learn on their own. There are a lot of lessons originally created for beginners. These lessons are often easy to understand and absorb. However, this method takes a lot of time and patience.


If you want to reach your musical goals as soon as possible, consider enrolling in an accordion online academy. An online academy offers various accordion lessons that cater to any skill level.


Music lessons online with a private accordion teacher or instructor will speed up the learning process. Additionally, these private tutors can help boost your self-confidence by reassuring you after every lesson. This is extremely helpful if you are a beginner.


By choosing to be taught online lessons, students can comfortably learn how to play the accordion from the comfort of their own homes. Although this is also possible with private accordion lessons from offline teachers, learning accordion online is more convenient.


You can hire an instructor or master from anywhere around the world. Additionally, you just have to sit down in front of your screen with your instrument during each lesson.


Pros and Cons of taking accordion lessons offline


The advantage of learning accordion offline is that you can properly connect with your instructor and understand their lessons. This way, you’ll be able to build a strong foundation with your instructor, and you will be able to reach your musical goals quickly.


Another great reason to learn accordion offline is your teacher will be able to properly correct you during your lessons. They can coach you on holding the instrument properly and much more.

However, there are some downsides to taking accordion lessons offline. For example, teachers might call in sick every now and then. Suppose you’re enrolled in a big class. In that case, it might be hard to concentrate with all the students playing their instruments simultaneously.


In big classes, teachers can’t just teach one student. Often, they won’t even bother evaluating the skills of each student they teach. So, you must find the right teacher before enrolling in offline accordion lessons.


Pros and Cons of taking accordion lessons online


If what you are after is a convenient way of learning, then taking accordion lessons online is the best way to learn this instrument. Some students prefer being taught in front of a computer screen because they feel more comfortable in their own homes. This also offers convenience to the teachers since they can just stay home while they’re teaching.


These days, it’s also much simpler to find online lessons to take. There is a multitude of websites on the internet that provide a variety of educational lessons. It is recommended that you visit the Takelessons website if you are seeking a particular kind of lesson.


There is a wide range of lessons to choose from. The website also supports many countries, so you can rest assured that there is a tutor for you regardless of wherever you are in the world. You can even choose to meet accordion tutors in person.


Additionally, you may also choose to hire a private tutor from anywhere around the world. You can even look for a teacher that can support different languages to ensure that you can understand them completely.

However, you must prepare for some inconveniences when taking online courses. An example is internet issues. It will ruin your rhythm if you’re in the middle of a lesson and your internet decides to dip. The same can be said for the teachers who opt to offer their accordion lessons online.


In an online group, there’s also the hassle of getting the attention of your teacher. You might have difficulty understanding the lesson because of all the students on the call with you. But this depends on how the teacher handles the class.


Preparing for your first accordion lesson


It is time to start getting ready for your first session now that you have determined which kind of educational setting is the most suitable for you. The learning environment you go with will determine some of the considerations necessary for you to make.


Offline accordion lessons


Accordion tutors who teach their students face to face prefer that you bring your own instrument, especially if you are enrolled in a large group. Although some teachers provide the instrument for their students, there’s a chance that the accordion assigned to you is damaged or doesn’t play very well. Also, there might not be enough to go around.


You wouldn’t want to waste a day of learning just because you don’t have an instrument. So even if the teacher says they will be providing the instrument, bring your own. Better to be safe than sorry.


Try to familiarize yourself with basic music theory as well. This can help speed up the learning process so your accordion teacher won’t have to give you a lecture about this certain topic. You can learn how to produce amazing music with an accordion.

Whether you’re enrolled in space music lessons or learning how to play Irish music, it’s a good idea to listen to these genres first before starting with your accordion lessons. This way, you’ll know how it sounds, and once you start playing, you can tell if you’re producing the right music.


Preparing yourself for private lessons at home doesn’t require much work. Just make sure that you’re at home before your tutor comes over. Tidying up and preparing all your materials like the accordion, chairs, tables, music stand, or even a piano in advance will help save a lot of time. This way, you’ll be able to maximize each session with your accordion teachers.

Online accordion lessons


When taking lessons online or enrolling in an accordion online academy, you have to ensure that you have the proper materials. By materials, we mean a desktop or laptop, a webcam, a microphone, a headset, and a reliable internet connection.


Suppose you’re taking lessons online with a bunch of other students. In that case, your internet should be able to handle a huge call with several participants with their video cams on. This usually requires a lot of bandwidth. But this won’t be a problem if you’re taking lessons with private accordion tutors.


Your webcam’s image quality should also be good. The person teaching you the accordion will require a good view of you to assess whether you are holding the instrument properly or hitting the appropriate chords.


Invest in a high-end microphone that can pick up audio clearly. You wouldn’t want your teachers to have difficulty listening to the music you are playing. Some microphones sound muffled, and others produce a lot of static. High-end microphones are a bit pricey, but buying one saves you a lot of trips to the electronic store.

Using the speakers on your laptop or desktop is acceptable while participating in your lessons. However, it is preferable if you can hear your teachers clearly as well as the music that they are creating. Imagine doing something similar to listening to music from your playlist.


You want to be able to distinguish the individual sounds of each instrument as they are played throughout the song. To the same extent as microphones, cutting-edge headphones also come with a hefty price tag. But investing in one will not only make it easier for you to understand each lesson but also allow you to hear your teachers more clearly.


Like with offline accordion tutors, online teachers would prefer you if you already have a fundamental understanding of music. It could take some time to walk you through these lessons, meaning you might have to devote more than one session to learn about this specific lesson. This is a waste of time since you are unable to use your instrument because you are required to write down notes and read music lesson plans instead.


When taking accordion lessons online, you should, obviously, prepare your instrument. Investing in a durable accordion sounds great and is quite well known in the music industry. But buying a practice instrument is okay if you just want to test the waters. So long as it is capable of producing music, then you’re set.




When taking accordion classes, whether online or offline, you must consider all the abovementioned factors. Preparing for your first lesson is also a big deal, especially if you are taking lessons online.


Learning something new takes a lot of time and patience. So don’t get discouraged if you’re not playing like a master after a couple of lessons. Just keep practicing, and you will get there eventually.

It’s also normal if you don’t make enough progress after finishing a beginner course. If this is the case, consider enrolling in the same difficulty level to refresh your mind. Once you think you’re ready, you can move on to intermediate classes. Repeat this process until you can confidently say that you can play the accordion-like a pro.


Before enrolling in accordion classes, you need to ensure that you are psychologically, financially, and physically ready for the commitment. This article should educate you on how to choose the most effective method of learning for you and show you how to get ready for your musical journey with the accordion.


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