How to pick out the best Accordion Stand

If you know how the accordion is, you’d know that the instrument needs a practical aid like the accordion stand when playing.

If you want to avoid overstressing and save yourself from carrying the accordion, a stand is a perfect way to access all the keys on it and save your energy.

In this article, we would be looking at the kinds of accordion stand there are.

Types of Accordion Stand

The accordion stand has different types depending on their quality, adjustability, and brand.

Liberty bellows accordion stand

This is a unique brand of accordion stand. The liberty bellow accordion stand has an adjustable height because of the clutch system that is designed in. This stand is nice because it has steel special features. This stand has rubber feet so you can be such that when you place your accordion on it, it stands firm. It holds the equipment in a horizontal manner. It has a black weight of 7.05 kilograms.


  • The stand is suitable for accordions from 12 to 120 bass buttons.
  • The rubber feet helps the stand to be firm against any type of ground.
  • It has adjustable height.


  • It does not have vertical adjustment

K and M 174 ( comfortable clamping screw adjusts)

This accordion stand is indeed very good. The stand is made in such a way that it can carry standard accordions and accordions with smaller basses. The holder has an adjustable height because of the clutch system it is designed with. The holder is easy mobile together with its in-built levelling screw legs.

Pros of 174 accordion holder

  • This stand’s upper section swivels because of the horizontal and vertical adjustment.
  • Much height increase.
  • Integrated levelling screw
  • uneven surfaces support height
  • Fully adjustable angle
  • It has additional levelling screw


  • With a little push, the holder can easily call down

Excalibur Triple Crown (has replaceable rubber instrument protectors)

This is another good hold that you might want to consider. The excalibur has replaceable rubber instrument protectors which means in cases where you misplace one of its rubber legs, you can replace it. The height is increasable if the accordion players wish. The tool also has four legs and it is very mobile.


  • Replaceable rubber components
  • Easy to carry around by the accordionist
  • uneven surfaces support height
  • Fully adjustable angle
  • It has ergonomically optimal posture because of the adjustable upper section.
  • Has spring loaded knobs


  • Requires a significant investment


Do I need a stand?

Of course, especially if you use accordions with 120-90 bass buttons. The stand helps you avoid overstressing also, you should get one. Customers can get it in a local shop or online stores.

Can the base dimensions of a holder be adjusted?

Yes, it can. Especially if the one you have, can be adjusted in two ways.

What is best depth a holder should have before buying?

Depths of about 5.2 to 9.7 is good enough. This way you can be sure that it can hold most sizes of accordions.

What is the ideal stand?

If you want to go for the ideal stand, then you will want to go for either the Excalibur or the K and M

What is the sign that I need to change my holder?

If it is an adjustable holder, when it starts to become hard to adjust, this might be a sign that you need to change the holder.


Holders serve as a practical aid for accordion players and other musical instruments. Finding a suitable holder for your equipment can be tough. Most sizes of holders are not adjustable in two ways. It is good to get a holder because it helps to prevent your equipment from dust on the ground.

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