The World’s Best Accordion Brands (2023 Updated Review)

Music has the power to take our imagination to different places. Imagine the sound of a best accordion – where does it take you? Do you find yourself basking in the European sun?

Whether you wind up in Italy or Germany, continue to visualize yourself strolling up a romantic street in a folksy little village. You’ll notice that everything seems to glimmer on the evening moon.

You hear the hustle and bustle of a quixotic language rolling off the tongues of kids and adults around you. All the while, the soft ringing of the accordion reaches your ears.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter where you are because of the accordion’s global appeal. It almost never fails to induce states of nostalgia and relaxation whenever you hear it playing.

If you want to play the accordion or teach your kids, there is no better time to do so than now. This article will discuss the best accordion brands and their respective top models alongside buying considerations to help you pick the right instrument.

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Factors to consider when buying an accordion

Item condition

When choosing among the best accordion brands, do you want to buy an old or new accordion? Well, the choice seems obvious, right? Especially if money was no object, who would want an old and used accordion?

But believe it or not, there is quite a market for vintage accordions. Some people hunt them down like they are enchanted artifacts. They would argue these are the best accordions because they have a much better sound. Others want them simply because they were made by top legendary historic brands that have stopped manufacturing them, making them even more valuable.

Players who know the accordion very well would be the best buyers of a used item. They would know how to tune it and maintain the sound of all of its buttons or keys. And besides, they are knowledgeable enough to ask the seller crucial questions about the technical stuff so they won’t be duped into buying a bad accordion. It’s hard to know what kind of condition an instrument is in just by looking at it.

Do the bellows compress properly?
Are there any air leaks?
Do the reeds need tuning?
How do you tune reeds?
Are both the treble side and the bass side still in working order?

I would shy away from a used accordion if I were a beginner. There’s quite a number of button and piano accordions out there that are rookie-friendly and won’t break the bank. And when you buy a new one, it comes as a set that includes straps and a carrying case, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

Piano accordions or button accordions?

Choosing between a piano and a button accordion largely depends on preference, skill, and comfort. As a rule of thumb, a piano accordion would be easier to learn but playing the button accordion itself would be more effortless.

Piano accordions are easily recognizable with their mini keyboard on the right-hand register, which serves as treble keys. The button accordion would have buttons on this side instead. One notable difference between these two is the maximum number of keys they can have. A piano accordion can’t have more than 45 keys, while a button accordion can possess as many as 67.

Although piano accordions have a more familiar construction since each key corresponds to a note (like a regular piano), beginners tend to pick out button accordions because they are smaller and easier to get a feel for.

Is there a particular style of music you are looking to play with your accordion? Then, you need to find the right one because a piano accordion will have a slightly different pitch than a button accordion.

There are musical genres with just a handful of chords or notes that give them their distinctive sound. For example, the chords on Tex-Mex, Zydeco, Tejano, and Conjunto require a g-c-f tuning. This tuning style is quick and has an exciting tempo; hence is usually played with a 3-row button accordion.

Diatonic accordions or chromatic accordions?

If you are keen on getting a button accordion, you will also have to decide whether you are going with a diatonic accordions or chromatic accordions. These accordions have a few differences. But the main one is that the pitch varies for the best chromatic accordion brands.

Chromatic button accordions are best for those who like to play jazz and classical music. For starters, they are unisonoric. In other words, each button corresponds to a note. It does not vary regardless of the bellows’ pushing or pulling; the accordion will still produce the same note. This type of accordion has multiple rows of buttons ranging from three to five, which is also the case with a diatonic button accordion. However, the difference lies in its ability to play freely with identical fingering patterns.

Conversely, the reeds of diatonic accordions are bisonoric, which means each button can produce two notes depending on the push and pull action in the bellows. They are most suitable for those who like to play Irish tones and other different types of ethnic music. This accordion is also recommended for beginners who can later transition to chromatic accordions once they have successfully learned to use the instrument.


Although we aim to help you decide what the best accordions are for you with this article, add due diligence by learning more about the instrument through more research. Nonetheless, you can’t go wrong with any of our recommendations here as long as it fits your purpose and preferences.

Meanwhile, you can read up on verified accordion reviews on Amazon and other digital shops with customer feedback and weigh all the information you have gathered. One bad review out of 12, for example, may not be an outright dealbreaker for you, considering you have the rest of it is generally positive.

Check up on popular posts of accordion enthusiasts out there; they’ll teach you a few tricks with those keys and buttons. You could even search online to find a method book to take your skills to the next level.


When looking to buy the best accordion, it may seem like you don’t have much choice with pricing. You either overpay for a vintage accordion or pay a couple of hundred bucks for a kids accordion, which you can consider even for an adult learner.

Generally, diatonic accordions are cheaper than others. But If you find yourself enjoying your newfound skill, you might want to upgrade to a piano accordion. But in all honesty, you can get a decent accordion anywhere between 300 and 500 dollars; anything above that should be a high-quality accordion brand. It is vital to know what you’re getting for the amount you’re paying.

The best accordion brands of 2023


The Best Piano Accordion Brands

If you are considering buying the piano accordion, the list below is right for you. We have picked some of the best quality and affordable brands you can purchase accordions from.

BTER Piano Accordions

BTER professional accordion with 22 keys on the right-hand side and eight bass buttons on the left side is an accordion that can be used by beginners, professionals, and even children. This accordion is easy to play because it is an 8-bass button type. BTER is a trusted brand that delivers good quality products from accordions to gadgets, especially electrical ones. The bellows of this accordion are made with sheepskin, making it durable and therefore last long for the accordionist.

Why you should buy

  • It is affordable

  • Easy to learn with

  • It can be used by children, pros, and even amateurs.

Click here for availability

Hohner Accordions

Hohner is an old musical instrument manufacturing company founded in 1859 in Germany. This brand is well-known because of the different musical instruments that it has produced since its creation. The company, as we can see, does not only produce accordions but different kinds of musical instruments.

Talking about accordions, Hohner is well-known for producing good quality accordions. Aside from the instrument itself, it produces accessories for accordions. Types of piano accordions produced by Hohner are –

1303-RED Bass level Accordion

The reason why this is called entry-level is probably that it has just 12 bass buttons available on it. The color of the product is red, with a mix of black. If you are just starting as an accordionist, you can consider getting this accordion from Hohner. Aside from being easy to learn, the product is made with quality materials that make it last long for its owners.

Why you should buy

  • Great starting stage for beginners

  • Has a pleasant sound quality

  • Good quality

  • Its price is affordable

Click here for availability

1304-RED Bass Accordion

This piano accordion is a good quality accordion made by the Hohner company. The accordion has 26 treble keys and 48 bass buttons. This is also a good accordion to start with if you are a beginner. The accordion is trusted to be a durable instrument. The accordion is capable of playing classical music and folk songs.

Why you should buy

  • The product produces very good sound

  • The size is not too big

  • Good starter for beginners

  • If you are a professional who wants to use to teach, this is also a good one.

Click here for availability

Hohner BR48B-N Bravo Piano Accordion

This is another brand of the accordion from Hohner that you may want to consider. Has the same number of keys as 1304. But if you are a fan of the black color, then you can go for this accordion. It has 48 bass buttons on the left side.

Why you should buy

  • A good starting point for beginners

  • The price is affordable

  • It can be used to train children

Baronelli Accordion

The brand is not so popular, but if you are looking for an accordion with a good market price, the Baronelli accordion is good enough. The piano accordion has 30 keys on the right side, while it has 48 bass buttons on the left. It has a look at those accordions played in telenovelas if you’ve ever watched them.

Why you should buy

  • The product is easy to learn with

  • The product is affordable

  • Has a pearl-finished design

Click here for availability

Rossetti Piano Accordion

Rossetti is an old brand in the business of making accordions and accordion accessories. It has 25 years of experience making accordions. The Rossetti company is Mexican and Latino based. They are known for making both button accordions and piano accordions. The number of buttons lined on the bass side of the accordions is from 12 – 120. The accordions are finely designed with pearl.

Let us look at some of the piano accordions below.


This accordion comes in different colors. It is designed finely. The accordion has 12 Bass buttons and 25 piano keys. It produces fine tunes while playing the instrument. It comes with a case, and the bellows are folded to produce a loud sound while being played by the accordionist.

Why you should by

  • Affordable price.

  • Produces loud sound.

  • Durable and designed finely

  • Upgradable buttons for smooth operation

  • Smooth operation

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The Best Button Accordion Brands

If perhaps, you prefer the button accordions, then this section is for you. There are various button accordion brands out there. In this section, we will bring you the best brands that make the button accordion.

Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion

We have already mentioned Hohner as a brand above to make both the button and piano accordions. This section is for button accordions. The Panther G/C/F is a Diatonic accordion, meaning that one button can give different notes while playing it.

The accordion does have 31 treble buttons and 12 bass buttons. Once again, let us mention that the bass button is incredibly easier to learn than the piano.

Why you should buy

  • The accordion is easy to learn with

  • The weight is light and can be carried by children

  • Good starter for newbies

Check here for availability

Hongzer Accordion

This is not a popular brand although they not only make accordions, they also make other musical instruments like guitars, pianos, and so on. The Hongzer accordion is a good buy because it is affordable and easy to learn. Whether it is for yourself or your child, this is an instrument you should get. It has a compactable size, and it is light-weighted.

Why you should buy

  • The size is small

  • It is not costly

  • The product is simple to learn with

  • The arm comes with straps for handles.

Check for availability

Btuty Accordion

If you are looking for light button accordions so that you can easily play the instrument, you should go for this brand. Aside from being light, the product is incredibly affordable. Just because of how the accordion is designed, both kids and adults can move around while playing the accordion. This accordion is designed with pine wood and comes in beautiful colors.

Why you should buy

  • They are not in any way heavy

  • Both adults and children can play this musical instrument

  • The accordion is affordable to purchase

Check here for availability

Gaeirt Accordions

This brand is known for its production of different musical instruments. They make must children toys that make sounds. The company also makes some real playable instruments for adults and children who play musical instruments.

Famous Orchestras use instruments like violins that this brand has produced. The button accordion designed by Gaeirt has 20 treble buttons on the right and ten bass buttons in two rows. The accordion is durable and small in size.

Why you should buy

  • They are not heavy

  • The instrument can be played by children and adults

  • A good beginner instrument

  • It is affordable

Check here for availability

Eujgoov Concertina Accordion

This accordion is best used by students and children who want to learn how to use the accordion. It has 20 buttons on the right and ten bass buttons.

The accordion is affordable for people who do not want something too costly. If you also don’t mind an instrument that will not be too heavy, you should get this accordion.

Why you should buy

  • Lightweight product

  • Great for students and beginners

  • It is not costly

  • The size is portable

Check here for availability

Generic Button Accordion

This brand’s button accordion is very good for children. Even though it has a heavy, tough look, the accordion is incredibly light. The Generic button accordion makes clear sounds when you play with the instrument. The buttons on the right-hand side are in 3 rows.

The bass buttons are 25. You do not need to be a professional to play the instrument. It is designed to be suitable for both newbies and professionals. The accordion is cheap to afford.

Why you should buy

  • Beautifully designed to fit the player’s hands properly

  • The accordion is affordable

  • It is capable of producing loud and clear sounds while playing

Check here for availability

Vesna Button Accordion

This accordion brand has 25 treble buttons on two rows and bass buttons on three. They are incredibly light. If you are a professional, this is an accordion that you can use. If you are also a beginner, you can use this accordion. The bellows are folded into 14 to produce clear sounds while playing the instrument.

Why you should buy

  • The weight is light

  • The accordion can be used by both professionals and beginners

  • It is sold at an affordable price

Check here for availability

The Best Concertina Accordion

If you are new to accordions and you are wondering what a concertina accordion is, it is an accordion much smaller than the traditional accordion. The regular accordions are usually rectangular shaped, but this one is hexagonal.

They have buttons on both sides, the left, and right sides, producing sound by contracting and expanding the bellows. Below is a list of some of the best Concertina accordion brands

Trinity College

This is a brand that makes musical instruments. It is known to be a producer of various musical instruments, making it very famous in Europe and some other parts of the world. Trinity

College’s brand makes some of the best accordions that are being used.

It makes different sizes of the Concertina accordions, which are of good quality. Let us look at some of the accordions this brand has manufactured.

AP-1120 Anglo-Style Concertina 20-Button

The accordion is made of metal. Whatever color it is coming in, it is nicely polished and shining. The accordion has two straps, one on the left and another on the right. The accordion is good for playing folk music.

It is easy to learn and can be played by beginners who want to get the hang of handling smaller accordions. It has 20 buttons for the player to cover on the right while pulling and pushing the bellows.

Why you should buy

  • The instrument is sold at an affordable price

  • It can be used by children to learn how to play

  • It does not pack so much weight.

  • High-quality made material

Check here for availability

AP-1230 Anglo-Style Concertina

This type has 30 buttons on it. The product is lightweight, so children can play the instrument with ease. The material is made of nylon. The bellows are folded to make the best sound when playing the instrument. This brand is easy to learn. Aside from that, this accordion is affordable for those who want to purchase it.Why you should buy

  • The instrument is sold at an affordable price

  • It is easy to learn with

  • The instrument does not have much weight.

  • Produces great sound

Abubu Concertina Accordion

Abubu is not so much of a big brand, but it is a recommendable accordion. The price is affordable for those who aren’t looking for something too pricey and durable. This accordion should be considered. The accordion has a good weight to help players play the instrument comfortably.

Why you should buy

  • The accordion is sold at a good price

  • The material made with it is not too heavy

  • The instrument is easy to learn with just a few buttons.

Click here for availability

Hohner D40 Concertina

Hohner, as we know it, is a great brand. The Concertina accordion is made from quality materials. The accordion has straps on both sides to allow the accordionist to hold the instrument properly while playing it.

The Hohner D40 Concertina is affordable for sale. The product’s weight is so light that it is also perfect for kids who want to learn with it. This accordion comes in different colors.

Why you should buy

  • The instrument is made with good material

  • It is affordable

  • The instrument is light in weight, meaning that children can handle it

  • Produces great sound

Check here for availability

Okuyonic Professional Accordion Concertina

Okuyonic is a brand that not only makes musical instruments. The brand has succeeded in making Concertina Accordions that can be purchased at an affordable price by accordionists. The good thing is that the size of this accordion is small. It has different colors, and the accordion is good for those who just want to start learning. The accordion has two straps available to help the accordionist hold it properly while playing.

Why you should buy

  • The accordion is affordable

  • It is good for beginners as it has few buttons

  • The accordion is not heavy

  • Children can use the accordion to learn

Check here for availability

Classic accordion brands

As early as the 20th century, many accordion makers have earned a stellar reputation and enduring legacy for their groundbreaking accordions. Although several of them are no longer manufacturing their products, you may still be lucky to find one of these best brands being sold in good used condition.


Beltuna accordions brand review
The town and commune of Castelfidardo, Italy, is home to the world’s best accordion brands, one of them is Beltuna, or “beautiful tune.” Founded in 1982 by two experienced craftsmen named Arnaldo Mengascini and Elio Baldoni, Beltuna accordions grew in popularity in Italy and many countries.

Dual face tuning is one of the brand’s innovations, which allows the user to play multiple musical genres. Their use of steel reeds in accordions is a major selling point since they prove to be thicker and more elastic than most. The result is a best accordion sound so alive as if you could reach out and grab it.

The Beltuna Spirit Black V Classic piano accordion has 4-12 treble registers and 120 bass buttons. With its great tones, it is certainly one of the best piano accordions you will find on the market if you’re fortunate enough to stumble upon a reseller.


Victoria accordion brand review
We are still in Castelfidardo, Italy, but we’ll go back further in time, specifically in 1919, when one of the best accordion brands Victoria started. Dario Dari and Adriano Picchietti built a factory where they manufactured converted accordions. These instruments had the same features as a chromatic accordion, but they added a switch that converted the left hand of the accordion into a free bass manual.

The Mahogany Victoria Poeta Chromatic button accordion C system has 120 bass buttons, 87 treble keys, and seven registers. Its mahogany texture would be tough to scratch, let alone break, which justifies why it is one of the best chromatic accordion brands.


Paolo Soprani brand review
In 1863, an Austrian pilgrim brought a diatonic accordion to Italy, sparking interest and passion for the music box. A year later, Paolo Soprani opened up a small workshop where he made the first Italian accordions called “armoniche.” He first sold them in fairs and markets. At the same time, he developed some skills playing the accordion, which he would show off to visitors in his hometown of Loreto.

Soprani then moved to Castelfidardo in 1872, where he had put up a factory. The accordion then began to gain popularity, which inspired future generations to build their accordions.

Perhaps any accordion enthusiast would agree that the best Soprani model has to be the grey Paolo Soprani accordion. It has consistently high-quality sound; hence it’s not surprising that it was very well-received even by French and Irish players. The 23-button accordion has four voices and is lauded for its full and rich tone.


Ottavianelli brand review
Thanks to the skills he acquired from working in Paolo Soprani, Amedeo Ottavianelli used them to create his line of piano and diatonic accordions. Over time he became one of the formidable accordion brands for crafting some of the best accordions around, and soon after, Ottavianelli became a family business. In 1975, one of Amedeo’s kids, Ovidio, inherited the business and formed a partnership outside, taking on a new name, “Emme Accordions.”

The Ottavianelli name is known for its exquisite look that stands out as a professional accordion. It uses the finest wood, leather, and metal to craft its accordions. At the same time, it sounds as good as it looks, as exemplified by the Ottavianelli Super Concerto piano accordion. This sleek beauty has a glossy black finish with 120 treble keys and 120 bass buttons and is finished off with that unmistakable gold Ottavianelli logo.


Scandalli accordion brand review
Scandalli began to produce his accordions in a small workshop in Camerano, Italy, during the early 1900s. His operations grew slowly but steadily over many years. By 1941, he had almost 700 workers by his side.

In 1950, he came up with arguably the best accordion ever and called it the Scandalli Super VI. It had 120 treble keys and 120 bass buttons. This accordion is essentially their pride and joy. Even today, it stands out among the more modern accordions.

While the Scandalli Super VI remains their most iconic model, the company also released other accordions, such as the Scandalli Air IS Musette. It has 41 treble keys, five voices in the bass and four in the treble, and five bass registers. A kid version of this accordion was released, the Scandalli Air Junior C; it is a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic accordion that merges tradition and technology.

The Final word on the best accordion brands

Now you may have realized that there is no shortage of the best accordions available online, as presented in this article. They are manufactured by both well-known and specialty brands. Weighing these options and our buying guide will hopefully lead you to the right accordion.

Remember that an instrument is only as good as its player. Make sure to choose one that you can optimize for your skills. Ultimately, the best accordion should be something that will help you learn faster and enable you to play the accordion that truly reflects your personality.

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