How to Pick the Right Accordion Rental Service

If you purchase an accordion, it might cost you a fortune. If you are a beginner or still planning to learn to play a musical instrument, naturally, you may not be so keen on vesting so much money. If this is the case, rent an accordion; this is cheaper and more practical.

How do you choose an accordion rental service?

What to consider in choosing an accordion rental service?


When it comes to price, you have to be smart. Do not fall for featured freebies or teaser rates. Most freebies are included in the price you are going to pay. So do not agree to a rental term because of a freebie. Make sure that the monthly payment is within your means including the tax.

The same goes for teaser rates.

A teaser rate is a featured initial price for the first month that is purposefully low. It invites a potential customer. The customer does not realize the weight of the payment on their budget until the bill suddenly increases.

Find programs with fixed payments that include tax, delivery or shipping fee to your address, and insurance. There are even rentals that offer a lower payment for purchase if you are a registered renter.


Insurance is a primary consideration when choosing an accordion rental. Instruments are expensive, and sometimes accidents can happen when rental platforms ship the instruments to your address.


One of the things that encourage learning is a good quality instrument. It may not necessarily be new or top-notch in quality, as long as it is in good working condition.

Another thing is to call or contact the accordion rental company to give the specifics of the accordion you want to rent. It includes the brand and model.

Some accordion rental companies do not divulge the details about the instrument until after you register. It is a big red flag. You will not be able to ensure the quality of the accordion. If it is possible, ask for a viewing.

Before you rent, you must know which type of accordion fits you. Here is a list of brands and types of an accordion to help you choose.

Accordion brands

Some of the world’s best accordion brands come from French and Italian makers. These are the best accordion brands that are featured around the world.

  • D’Luca accordion brand
  • Hohner accordion brand
  • Excalibur accordion brand
  • Roland accordion brand
  • Weltmeister accordion brand

If your choice is not available in your country, you can find a store that can ship world-wide.

Types of accordions

Piano Accordions

This accordion has keys and buttons on each side.

Chromatic Button accordions

Button accordion has sets of buttons on each side.

Accordion Bass Systems
  • Stradella Bass accordions
  • Free Bass accordions
  • Convertor Bass accordions

If you can not decide, look for an instrument adviser will save you hours from having to search several stores.


Choosing a versatile accordion rental service is noteworthy. Different accordions offer different features.

For beginners, it may sometimes be necessary to change a model to fit them. There are best accordions for beginners. For instance, you may not realize how heavy or how big an accordion is until you start playing them.

Pick rentals that will let you contact them to change your instrument mid-contract.


If you are unsure of the exact accordion you want to rent, you might want to search for a shop that offers a wide range of instrumental menus. It will give you more featured brands and models of accordions to choose from. A small shop may have a limited selection.

You can contact a shop and inquire in advance.


Availability when it comes to customer requests is an important aspect of a business. Rent from a store that is responsive to inquiries and requests and is open Monday to Friday.

Some stores also extend their availability by putting up an online account (email address, social media accounts) and posting phone numbers that a customer can contact.


Know what services are included in an accordion rental service before signing up.

A good program includes repair and tuning of instruments.

It is also good to know if they offer delivery or ship-to-address option. Even small stores can do local delivery.

When availing of delivery service or world-wide shipping, be prepared for any extra tax. The bigger the item you ship, the more tax you pay.

Parting words

If you are drawn to music and plan to learn to play one most soulful instruments in the world, consider renting before buying. If you want to use the instrument for kid’s early music lessons, renting is also a good option.

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